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Apr 23

Written by: Jeff O'Brien
4/23/2010 4:29 AM 

Out of the box

Shapiro landing at goal.

I met Dave Whittle yesterday morning. He's a local pilot who's got a new T2C and we discussed his impressions. In short, he's loving the new glider. He feels it's got ample performance and is allowing him to make flights that used to be impossible feasible. It's more than the performance though, he feels that due to the glider's handling and landing characteristics, it's less fatiguing on a multi hour flight and inspires confidence when landing in restricted LZ's or uncertain wind conditions.

Zippy's machine.

I find the T2C to be a world class machine right out of the box. In stock configuration, it's got loads of performance, handles like a kingposted glider, and lands so nicely. If you're racing, there is no need for elaborate tuning to get world class performance. Lower the sprogs one or two turns, take the VG limiter out and perhaps re-tie the VG so the keel sled makes it all the way back to the hang post, and you've got a ROCKET. Oh yea, and it's $8300.

It was good to meet and talk with Dave. I'm glad he's feeling rejuvinated enthusiasm and having a great experience on his new glider. On to the day:

Some sport class competitors:

Greg, a Santa Barbara pilot popping out of the cart.

Ben, another Santa Barbara bro rolling out.

Matt Barker on his U2 about to roll.

They called a lightning bolt out and return 74 miles to the NW. I towed up and had terrible luck finding lift. I'd have to return to the park and relight. I slipped into ground effect just after Bobby in the tow plane and was expecting to get hit by his prop wash. It didn't come until the last minute and dropped me running to the ground. Sprained my ankle a bit from the hard contact.

Julia from Russia. She's flying awesome.

Was having poor luck with the second tow, but scraped around until I did find myself in good position for the second start. All the boys were waiting around for the third start, so I'd be fine. On the way out, things went pretty well. Zippy, Dustin, Jonny and myself were running together and we rejoined Shapiro and a dozen when we got slow and our paths converged. I found the lift to be mostly disorganized and the clouds weren't reliable. It was somewhat frustrating.

Seemed like the further we were away from the airport, the worse conditions were. It was disorganized climbs and slow progress as we started back. Jonny got a better line, two better climbs, and I wouldn't see him the rest of the day. The last two legs sped up for me, and I was able to make a quicker run back home.

Dave Prentice on his flip flop harness. Climb seated, glide prone.

I had a 12 to 1 to goal, then went 1.5km off course to a budding cloud and took the turns I needed to ensure goal. The US team made it in well, but Jonny did well enough to move into first with me 100 points behind. Today is the last day and we're all looking to fly our best.

Airtime: 4:00. Flights: 2. Miles: 74.


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Re: Rob Kells Memorial - Task 4

I'll be waiting to hear the good news... Go for it. 100 points on one last task means an aggressive winning or loosing attitude in order to beat Batman.
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See you up there on saturday.

By Daniel Velez on   4/23/2010 7:10 AM

Re: Rob Kells Memorial - Task 4

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Re: Rob Kells Memorial - Task 4

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Re: Rob Kells Memorial - Task 4

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Re: Rob Kells Memorial - Task 4

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