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Jul 23

Written by: Jeff O'Brien
7/23/2009 12:37 PM 

On Saturday I went up to Squak Peak, set up my glider and a camera mount in the heat and proceeded to sweat profusely waiting on launchable wind. It never came, and for the first time in years, Inspo. had completely skunked me.

I got up at 5am on Sunday and headed out to the south side to redeem myself. Winds built during the morning and there were a few pilots out from Colorado on their way to King.

Gabe and Julian, the Telluride boys diving for cover.

BTW - in case anyone reading this cares, there's absolutely no boycott from US Team pilots regarding the King meet. Zippy's in Zapata, Shapiro has to work, I have to attend the outdoor retailer show in SLC which is in direct conflict with the meet, and Dustin and Davis have no interest in King. The underlying politics over Big Spring and the King meet is BS and only undermines the sport. I hope the King meet has cu's til sunset and records are broken.

Had a great morning trying to get just the right shot. Did slider after slider after slider and finally twisted my ankle well enough to end my day. Swollen and sore today.

Airtime: 2:00. Flights: 10.


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