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Pick the colors for your new Wills Wing Glider

Oct. 2010 - Check the updated panel layouts in jpeg format.

Also available: Inventory HG Viewer

Don't just imagine how your new glider will look, see it now. Click around and find a color combination you like, then go see your dealer. Customer choice of sail colors and materials is a $150 option, as compared to the base glider price which applies only to gliders selected from the inventory list. (Not all models and sizes will always be available from inventory, so customer color choice will sometimes be the only option). The use of color, as opposed to the standard white, in panels 2, 3, and 4 will also incur an additional option charge of $75 per panel, except in the case of panel 4 on the Falcon 4 – where the use of color does not involve the extra $75 charge. You can also request a quote for a custom sail design. To quote, we need a reasonably accurate drawing on the planform for your chosen glider model. You can save a screen image or download one of the blank planform views and alter it with a graphics program, or print it out and sketch your dream design. There are some restrictions on detail level in general design elements must be a minimum of two inches wide, except for pointed ends, and longer elements must be at least three inches wide. Custom sail patterns start at $375, with the ultimate price dependent on the complexity of the pattern.

See the Sailcloth Page for descriptions of the various sailcloth types and applications.

Note: The sizes, shapes, and colors of sail panels as seen here, must be considered as approximate representations. Due to variations in panel sizes and shapes across different sizes of a given model, or within a given glider size due to variations in multiple production patterns used to accomodate variations in sail cloth supplies, panel size and shape will vary somewhat from that depicted. The colors shown are approximate, based on matching the fabric swatches with the Pantone Matching System RGB Color Equivalents.  Computer screens vary widely in color reproduction.Be sure to refer to your dealer's color samples before making any final decisions on colors for your sail. Even so, note that sail colors as they appear on a finished glider will differ even from those of the samples, due to effects of different lighting, and the manner in which light transmitted through a top surface panel can affect the color of the bottom surface panel below it. As a result, colors on the finished glider may be significantly different from what is displayed here, or what you see in fabric samples. Some colors may be out of stock from time to time, and the list of available colors may change.  Colors current as of 26 October, 2006.

The WW Color Viewer requires Flash 8 or higher.

Last Modified: 14 September, 2012

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