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Date Topic(s)
11/15/2002: WW 30th Anniversary, Website Redesign?,Brauniger AV Pilot & Sonic, Charly Air Control HG: 2002 Fall Hang Glider Specials, Save $100 on Rotors! PG: Save $100 on any Paraglider!
7/27/2002: Demo Schedule - East Coast, First Galileos Arrive HG: 2002 Talons, Falcon Tandem, Rotor Vulto Harness, Kickass Sale PG: Drop Shipping Gliders, Swing's New Glider Bag
5/30/2002: Brauniger Galileo, Brauniger vs. Flytec, Demo Days HG: Talon for 2002, NEW Falcon Tandem, Rotor Vulto, Kickass Sale Continues PG: Airwave Sports 1st and 4th at Torrey, Mitch McAleer Comments
4/4/2002: Wallaby Demos, Brauniger Chart HG: Falcon 2, Talon Updates, Robert Reisinger/WW Team PG: Astral 3, Sport XL Coming Soon
2/18/2002: USHGA - Air Sports Expo Report! HG: Last Week of Inventory HG Sale, Sale On Rotor Harnesses, Dynamic Stability In Hang Gliders, Wallaby Ranch PG: Airwave Sports Are Here, Mistral 2 Going Strong, Spring Is Coming - Get Those Annuals Done!
1/31/2002: USHGA Convention, Brauniger World Records, Wallaby - WW 29th! HG: Airwave Distributes Wills Wing, Demo Glider Blow Out PG: New Astral 3, Swing Mistral 2, Airwave Sport L and XL, Inventory Clearance, Parafly Carabiner Airworthiness
12/12/2001: Holiday Greetings, Sherpa Fleece Shirts, Kari's Records, Airwave Sport L Certified
11/30/2001: Wills Wing Flight Suits, Fall 2001 Hang Glider Sale Reminder
11/14/2001: Fall 2001 Hang Glider Sale
6/5/2001: 140 Talon Released, Paraglider Specials
4/16/2001: The Talon is here!
2/20/2001: Eagle 164 and Eagle 180 Released, Wallaby Again!, Rotor Harness, more
9/1/2000: Condor 330, Fusion 141 SP, Safety Advisories, more
5/23/2000: Eagle Announcement, Dockweiler News, more
3/15/2000: Eagle Released, Brauniger Model Line, Paraswivel Advisory, more
3/1/2000: Swing Arcus News, Special Deals, Magic 2000 Harness, more

Archived Customer Bulletins

Date Topic(s)
10/1/1999: Fusion 150 SP, Drogue 'Chutes, Charly Insider Helmets, Telephone System, more
12/1/1998: 26th Anniversary at Wallaby Ranch, WW Rigid Wing?, Suunto Wrist Computer, more
4/1/1998: Fusion & XC Price Reduction, Thanks to Wallaby, DHV Certifications, more
10/1/1997: Ultra Sport 166 Released, Florida Fly-In, Fusion Wins, Brible Adjustment for Older Gliders, more
5/1/1997: Ultra Sport 166 Prototype, Fusion 150 News, more
2/1/1997: Mistral Selling Well, Parachute Handle Advisory, USHGA Ad Program, more
12/1/1996: Ultra Sport in Production, Prototype "Topless" Glider Flying , more
11/1/1996: Next Generation Competition Glider, New Winglets, more
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