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Wills Wing Issues Recall and Advisories
Wills Wing has announced a recall and replacement requirement for the keyhole collar - the machined part which secures the keyhole tang to the keel on all gliders manufactured since 1989. This recall covers every such part on every glider. It has been found that existing collars are possibly subject to cracking. A new part has been designed which is stronger and less brittle. No accidents have resulted from this product defect as yet, though there have been three incidents of cracked or broken collars observed or reported.
 Wills Wing has also issued a Technical Bulletin and advisory regarding proper installation of lock nuts. There have been two incidents of locknuts coming detached, and one of those incidents happened in flight and could have been extremely serious. Acrobat

The details of these advisories and other important advisories pertaining to Wills Wing gliders are covered in Technical Bulletins published on Wills Wing's website at Pilots of Wills Wing gliders who have web access are strongly urged to log onto the website on a regular basis and review all of the Technical Bulletins there. Pilots without access to the web can call Wills Wing at 714 998-6359 and ask to talk to technical support. We will review the Technical Bulletins that would be applicable to your glider, and send you copies in the mail or by fax at no charge. Proper maintenance of one's equipment is absolutely necessary for safe flight.
Please fly safely.

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