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Owen Morse, T2C, sets new Crestline flex-wing site record - 118 miles

Owen Morse has been training with uncommon out and returns in the San Bernardino Mountains and recently set a Crestline site flexwing record of 118 miles on his T2C 154.

To the Crestline Soaring Society, Owen recently posted this blurb about his flight:

I don't want to get too sentimental, but I must mention this here, because all of you will understand this more than anyone. In one of my last conversations with Rob Kells, I was telling him just how much I loved my T2C, and that I promised him I was going to go 100 miles from Crestline on it. He smiled and said, "Owen, I don't doubt it!"

As I flew over Baker, at the 100 mile mark, I said out loud "That's for you Rob."

Congratulations on your recent exceptional flights Owen!

Owen Morse, ready to launch his T2C
Owen Morse, ready to launch his T2C

Owen Morse, soaring his T2C
Owen Morse, soaring his T2C

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