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Z5 Hang Gliding Harness - Sizing and Ordering Information

Z5 Harness Order Form (Adobe Acrobat© PDF Format)

Harness Ordering Guide (Adobe Acrobat© PDF Format)

Harness Sizing

The table below relates Wills Wing harness sizes to individual body measurements.  These are the actual ranges for the Z series models and can be considered approximate for the Flylight Deluxe model.




Min Height



XXSmall 46" 117 cm   4'11" 150 cm. 36-38" 91-97  cm.
XSmall 47 1/2"  121 cm. 5'1" 155 cm. 37-39" 94-99  cm.
Small 49" 124 cm. 5'3" 160 cm. 37-39" 94-99 cm.
Small Plus 50 1/2" 128 cm. 5'5" 165 cm. 38-40" 97-102 cm.
Medium 52" 132 cm. 5'7" 170 cm. 38-40" 97-102 cm.
Medium Plus 53 1/2" 136 cm. 5'9" 175 cm. 39-41" 99-104 cm.
Large 55" 140 cm. 5'11" 180 cm. 39-41" 99-104 cm.
Large Plus 56 1/2" 144 cm. 6'1" 185 cm. 40-42" 102-107 cm.
Xlarge 58" 147 cm. 6'3" 191 cm. 40-42" 102-107 cm.
Xlarge Plus 59 1/2" 151 cm. 6'5" 196 cm. 40-42" 102-107 cm.
Sizing Modifications (LENGTH MOD, CHEST MOD) are in inches and reflect changes made for custom harnesses.

For example ' XL, Length +3, Chest -2 ' would be best for a tall, skinny person.

Custom Sizing Instructions

The armpit to floor measurement is an important sizing parameter.  With arms held 30 degrees out from the body and the shoulders held level, measure from a ruler held level in the armpit, to the floor.  Measure your chest and hips with a light shirt only. If you want to specify non-standard fit (tight for better aerodynamics or loose to accommodate extra bulky clothing) indicate that separately.  Note that a loose harness fit may compromise comfort and increase pressure rotating upright to landing attitude.  If you have owned or test fit a Z1, Z2, Z3 or Z4 please include the harness number or enough information for us to identify the harness size.  Wills Wing harness main support straps are sized to hang a properly fitted, standard harness 1" to 2" above the control bar base tube of any WW glider, when the pilot attitude adjustment is slightly head down.  That corresponds to a top of base tube to hang loop dimension of 55 inches.  Variations in pilot size and individual harness adjustment preferences change the hang distance above the base tube with standard mains.  We strongly recommend that you size your harness mains to fit a standard Wills Wing glider hang loop.  Shorter main lengths are available on request, but they increase back compression and discomfort.

A Note on Harness Pricing

The Z5 is a full featured harness, on which we offer custom sizing when necessary, customer's choice of harness mains length, and customer choice of 4 standard body colors and a wide range of accent wedge colors, for no extra charge, at the standard price of $1100.00 retail.  These harnesses are built to the customer's individual order, and the $1100.00 price reflects our cost of doing that.  If the customer requires custom work beyond custom sizing, the cost for that additional custom work will be quoted and added to the $1100.00 price.

Part No: Description Retail
45A-1600 Z5 harness - Custom Colors $1100.00
45A-1600 Z5 harness - from inventory $950.00

We also make inventory harnesses, in batch production, at a lower cost to us. We pass these cost savings along to the customer by offering inventory harnesses at a reduced retail price of $950.00.  An inventory harness is a harness which is ordered out of our inventory, from the inventory harness list.  If the list indicates that the mains have not been fabricated at the time the harness is ordered, the customer may specify custom length for the mains at no extra charge.  If the mains are already attached, this is not an option.  The harnesses listed on the inventory harness list are the only harnesses that qualify for the $950.00 price.  A harness built to customer order, whether or not it requires custom sizing, is always priced at $1100.00.  Please do not confuse "stock size" with inventory price.

Note: Retail prices listed are Wills Wing's suggested retail prices not including packaging for shipment from the factory, freight costs to the destination, import and local taxes, and dealer preparation and delivery charges. For safety reasons, any products shown that require any particular expertise to install or use safely must be purchased through, and personally delivered to the end user by an authorized Wills Wing Dealer. Retail prices listed for gliders are applicable to gliders selected for purchase from the web site inventory glider list. For any glider not selected from the inventory list, at a minimum, a charge of $150 for customer selection of colors will apply, (except for the T2C where customer color choice is included in the price), in addition to any applicable upgrade charges for extra cost options selected. Inventory gliders are created in the process of balancing sail cloth inventory and selling used demo gliders or gliders resulting from cancelled orders. Inventory gliders may not always be available in all models and sizes.

Note: Wills Wing authorized dealers are independent business entities, are not employees or agents of Wills Wing, do not directly represent Wills Wing, and are not authorized to enter into contracts, agreements, or commitments on behalf of Wills Wing. Although Wills Wing safety policies require that certain items be purchased from an authorized Wills Wing dealer, those policies do not require that an order be placed with any specific Wills Wing dealer, and any such order that is placed with a Wills Wing dealer is considered by Wills Wing to be an agreement entirely between the dealer and the customer. Although Wills Wing policies state certain expectations of authorized dealers, Wills Wing does not evaluate dealers with respect to either their ability to meet or the degree to which they customarily meet such expectations. Customers are encouraged to conduct all appropriate due diligence in evaluating any authorized Wills Wing dealer with whom they plan to do business.

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