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Charly Breeze Helmet

The Finsterwalder Charly Breeze Helmet is an extremely comfortable, very light weight, (495 grams / 1.1 lbs), CE EN 966 Certified helmet that features a strong, ABS shell, and high quality EPS shock absorbing foam. The helmet shell is cut above the ears, and the ear pads are removable, providing the option of having the ears completely open to the outside, enhancing both airspeed recognition and the ability to hear. Available colors are glossy white or soft black. The helmet is ideal for student pilots, tandem passengers, and for anyone looking for Certified protection in a very comfortable, lightweight, open helmet.


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Specification S M L XL
Head Circ. (cm) 52.5-53.5 54-57.5 58-59 59-60
US Hat Size -
Weight (g) 482
Retail - Colors $148.50
Retail - White $135

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