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Sport2 main image
Wills Wing Sport 2

The Sport 2 is our latest, and arguably our best, in a long line of easy, fun to fly gliders that offer extraordinary levels of performance. Unlike other high performance kingposted gliders intended for pilots with advanced skills, the Sport 2 is suitable for even a true intermediate level pilot. At the same time, the Sport 2 provides performance that will satisfy an experienced veteran.

Shadd Heaston launching at Hurricane, Utah. Photo by Jeff O'Brien.

We pioneered the concept of "the high performance glider you already know how to fly" 34 years ago. More than 20 years ago, with the introduction of the original Sport 167, we firmly established the parameters of the "Sport Class" glider; a true high performance glider that an intermediate level pilot can fly effectively, and have fun on. Today, first with the U2, and now with the Sport 2, we’ve brought that concept to its highest levels of refinement.

Alex McCulloch launching at Yosemite, California. Photo by Stephen Schrieber-Smith.

The Sport 2 utilizes internal sprogs for stability along with a single reflex bridle per wing. Equipped standard with the ultra low drag Litestream performance control bar and an effective VG system, the Sport 2 offers glide performance across the speed range that is just slightly below that of the U2! The Sport 2 tracks straight and true at any speed, with no tendency towards oscillations. The Sport 2’s "on rails" directional stability makes aerotowing a breeze, and allows for confident, accurate landing approaches. The Sport 2’s exceptional slow flight handling and performance give it a climb rate in thermals that is unsurpassed. Its unusually light weight and good static balance make ground handling and launching easy. Landing characteristics are also easy and forgiving, ensuring that even the end of your flight will be something to enjoy. And finally, the Sport 2 comes with all of the built in quality, and backed by all of the extensive support, that you’ve come to associate with Wills Wing.

If you’re in the market for a glider that you can enjoy right now, and continue to enjoy as you advance your skills and expand your experience for many years to come, take a look at the new Sport 2. Quite frankly, we’ve never made a better glider. And neither has anyone else.

New Litestream Compatible Round Speedbar Basetube
We are now offering the option of a round speedbar basetube on the Sport 2. This option is to address the requests of pilots who prefer the grip of a round basetube for comfort reasons, and pilots who want to be able to mount larger diameter wheels on a Litestream control bar. The photo shows the Litestream round speedbar mounted to a Sport 2, with Hall Wheels (not included) installed. We also have available VG compatible hubs for the larger 8 inch diameter Finsterwalder pneumatic wheels that will also allow them to be mounted on the Litestream round speedbar.

Hall Wheel on New Litestream Compatible Round Speedbar Basetube
Hall Wheel on New Litestream Compatible Round Speedbar Basetube

Pilots should expect approximately 1/2 point in degradation of L/D by going to the round basetube over the streamlined basetube. The Litestream compatible round speedbar is a no extra cost option when requested on any new glider order.

Latest Sport 2 news:
06/01/14: Good News! - The Long Waits Are Over
Pilot Comment:
Larry Kaiser
Larry Kaiser here and I would just like to send a note on how much I like my new Sport 2. I have flown it several times and it has to be the best glider I have ever owned. Very predictable handling and the glide is very good also. I flew it at Mingus a couple times and got pretty low on the ridge. I thought I would have to land in the bailout LZ but the Sport 2 just kept on gliding and made the much farther 10th Street LZ with altitude to spare. On one of these flights the air was pretty rough and the Sport 2 handled it very well. This is glider # 8 for me (Atlas, Streak, Raven, HP2, K2,and 2 La Mouette Topless gliders) and I really like it! Thank you for making a GREAT hang glider for me.

More Comments:
Claire Vassort - The Glider and I
Josef Bostik - You Hit The Sweet Spot With This ...
Jonathan Dietch - 68 Miles With Sport 2 155
George Adams - I Only Came Down Due To Darkness
Peter Holloway - 175 Handling Nice and Light
Click here to see the entire list of comments.

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Imperial Units:          Change to Metric Units
Specification  Sport 2 135   Sport 2 155   Sport 2 175 
Area (ft^2) 135 155 175
Span (ft) 29.3 31.5 33.1
Aspect Ratio 6.4 6.4 6.3
Glider Weight (lbs) 54 59 70
Hook-In Weight (lbs) 135-200 150-250 175-320
Optimum Body Weight (lbs) 130-155 155-215 215-260
Double Surface (%) 74
USHPA Rating 3
Vne (mph) 53
Va (mph) 46
Vms (mph) 19
Length (in bag) (in) 184 200 212
Break-down (in) 136 146 147
HGMA Cert. 10/6/2006 11/3/2004 1/31/2010
Sugg. Retail $4975.00

Key to Specifications

Note: Retail prices listed are Wills Wing's suggested retail prices not including packaging for shipment from the factory, freight costs to the destination, import and local taxes, and dealer preparation and delivery charges. For safety reasons, any products shown that require any particular expertise to install or use safely must be purchased through, and personally delivered to the end user by an authorized Wills Wing Dealer. Retail prices listed for gliders are applicable to gliders selected for purchase from the web site inventory glider list. For any glider not selected from the inventory list, at a minimum, a charge of $150 for customer selection of colors will apply, (except for the T2C where customer color choice is included in the price), in addition to any applicable upgrade charges for extra cost options selected. Inventory gliders are created in the process of balancing sail cloth inventory and selling used demo gliders or gliders resulting from cancelled orders. Inventory gliders may not always be available in all models and sizes.

Note: Wills Wing authorized dealers are independent business entities, are not employees or agents of Wills Wing, do not directly represent Wills Wing, and are not authorized to enter into contracts, agreements, or commitments on behalf of Wills Wing. Although Wills Wing safety policies require that certain items be purchased from an authorized Wills Wing dealer, those policies do not require that an order be placed with any specific Wills Wing dealer, and any such order that is placed with a Wills Wing dealer is considered by Wills Wing to be an agreement entirely between the dealer and the customer. Although Wills Wing policies state certain expectations of authorized dealers, Wills Wing does not evaluate dealers with respect to either their ability to meet or the degree to which they customarily meet such expectations. Customers are encouraged to conduct all appropriate due diligence in evaluating any authorized Wills Wing dealer with whom they plan to do business.

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Combination Bridle and Internal Stablilty System
Easy to Fly, High Performance, Intermediate Design
Easy to Pull, Effective VG System
Litestream Performance Control Bar
Composite Transverse Battens
Machined Aerodynamic Corner Fittings
New Button Spring Lock - Tang Attachments
Very lightweight - all 7075 airframe (6061 leading edges on 175 size)
7075 - T6 Pre-formed Battens
Lever Rear Batten Tips
Bottom Surface Battens Control Sail Shape
Two Color Bottom Surface
Full Leading Edge Pocket (Dacron) and Mylar Insert
Dacron Nosecone
Streamlined Kingpost
Kingpost Hang Pilot Suspension
Integral Low drag Back-up Hang Loop
Curved Tip Planform
Medium Weight, XC–Type Glider Bag, Control Bar Bag, Batten and Tip Bags, and Velcro Sail Ties
Spare Parts Kit, Team Hat, Bumper sticker
Comprehensive Owner / Service Manual and Batten Diagram

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Description Part # Retail
Custom Sail Patterns - Quoted on Request    
P1 UPGRADE 170 TO 205MT 01A-A2   $75.00
P4 UPGRADE 170/210 TO 205 MT 01A-A31   $75.00
P1 UPGRADE 170 TO UVX / UVPT 01A-A29   $225.00
COLORED #2, #3 OR #4 PANEL 01A-A6   $75.00
Slipstream/Litestream Control Bar Wheel Kit 70M-1240   $140.00

Some options may be incompatible with others. See your Wills Wing dealer for details.

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