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Wills Wing - Pilot Comments
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06/30/05 - T2
Kevin Carter - WW Factory Pilot

T2 Impressions from our Newest Team Pilot

I have been flying the new T2 154 for almost 6 weeks of competition so here is the summary so far.

Background: Flying HG for almost 3 years, competing for a year and a half. 200-600 hours a year... I am about 79 kilos or 178 lbs and fly with a comp harness and 2 parachutes. I fall at the lower end of the weight range for this wing.

My last glider was also a big glider so the first thing I noticed about flying this glider was the ultra low weight. Published weight is 73 lbs or 33 kilos which is pretty light for 154 sq feet (about 14.5 sq m?). It is easy to pick up, easy to ground handle, and easy to yaw in cross wind gusts. In the air the lighter weight let the glider respond very quickly to my roll and yaw inputs. I can snap around in the smallest shots of lift.

The stall speed is very low so it has wide speed range while thermalling. Initially I felt small on the glider until I got tuned to the speed range between min sink and stall. Now I only feel small if I fly the glider much too slow...

Turn coordination is excellent and I have many choices on which thermalling style I can choose...

...The inboard sprogs [are] compensated so bar pressure is positive but light with VG on throughout the entire speed range. The performance seems to hint at more of an advantage at faster glide speeds so I really need to derive a new polar and explore different inter-thermal gliding speeds. I think there is a significant untapped advantage lurking there. I really need to test glide back at Quest with varying amounts of ballast to see how it flies with more than my light wing loading.


I test fly many gliders as an aerotow instructor and this glider is arguably the easiest topless to land. I fly fast approaches 99% of the time but in Croatia I was amazed at how secure this wing executed slow RLF approaches with and without a drogue…. On the first day of the Pre Euros I had to land in a narrow valley with agriculture fields that were more like big gardens. It was easy to set up over corn and low trees for a precise final up the narrow grass strip between 2 crop fields...

Read the entire article on Kevin's Blog, where you'll also find many interesting notes about his experiences on the European competition circuit this summer.

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