Lever Batten Tips Service Advisory from Airborne

The lever batten tips used in Wills Wing gliders are manufactured by Airborne Australia.  Airborne has posted a service advisory regarding the lever tips:  http://www.airborne.com.au/images/aw_directives/SB-019.pdf The advisory addresses adjustment, maintenance and inspection issues with regard to the lever tips.  There … Continued

Slipstream Downtubes / Control Bars: FAQ

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January 2016. Please note that the parts and configurations described below apply only to Fusion and Talon models. On T2 models, the carbon downtubes with companion fittings and the corresponding Slipstream downtubes with companion fittings share the same wire set. Wills … Continued

Polar Data For Wills Wing Hang Gliders

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Accurate polar data is very difficult to measure. Although we have made many attempts over the years to measure actual glider performance, we have found that even with the best instruments and the most careful measurement methods, the level of … Continued

Is This The Right Glider For Me?

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Falcon 3 The Falcon line of gliders is the most popular model line in our history. The reason? – The Falcon offers the highest level of effective soaring performance for the greatest range of pilot skill and experience of any … Continued