Battens – How To Order Them

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Please use the following guidelines when ordering replacement battens: 1) ALWAYS provide the glider model, size, AND glider serial number. 2) SPECIFY left or right. (Battens with black front tips (10mm), or with black tape on the rear (12mm) , … Continued


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Picture this. You’re standing on a rounded hilltop. A soft breeze is in your face. In front of you is a gentle, grassy slope leading down into the valley. You step forward down the slope, letting gravity pull you from … Continued

How To Choose Your First Glider

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This article appeared in the February 1999 issue of Hang Gliding magazine as a sidebar to the Incident Reports column. New or used? Single surface or double surface? What performance level? Which manufacturer? Which model? Which size? These are some … Continued