Hang Glider Placard Specifications

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All Wills Wing gliders are placarded with certain information in compliance with HGMA standards. These specifications are listed below for both our current models, and a number of our previous models. Imperial units (pounds and MPH) are used, by convention.

2003 Summary News

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12/07/03 Talons Finish 1 and 2 in Brazil’s Sao Paolo State Championships Talon¬†pilots chalked up another great finish in Brazil! Results from the Sao Paolo State Championships, Brazil There were two exiciting tasks where Nene and Leonardo were separated by … Continued

Wills Wing Winglets Q&A

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Questions and Answers about Wills Wing Winglets General Information The Wills Wing Cross Country 155 has been HGMA Certified both with conventional wing tip fairings and with optional winglets. It is the first, and only glider to date to be … Continued