Zapata 2009 Archives

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Digging through receipts while doing taxes, I re-discovered a notepad I had forgotten. Good times. I like LIFT! I like the abrupt ending – Hwy 20, 816pm, 5 miles E (of Big Spring)… then silence. I was almost at base, … Continued

Cool Stuff for Sale

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Cleaning out the closet and trying to fund the upcoming comps. Here’s what I’ve got: One brand new over/under tandem harness. All black, 600 denier outer, antron inner, 1/4″ volara padding. Continuous webbing construction, Austri Alpin quick disconnect buckles on … Continued

The Last 3 Weeks

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Winter break is traditionally a time for me to dig in work hard to fund the upcoming season. This holiday I was adopted by the Pearsons and spent every waking moment at the Wills factory while all their employees were … Continued

2011 News Summary

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11/21/11 Wills Wing Glider Tool Kit Available Wills Wing now offers a tool kit containing the tools required to perform many service operations on Wills Wing gliders. The kit comes in a handy roll up pouch, with a pocket for … Continued

Adventure in China

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China was a unique and enriching experience.  It has definitely lit a fire within me to continue exploring new cultures, meeting interesting people along the way, and to try to allow my technical and mental limits to evolve while climbing … Continued

Mold surgery

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Things were going so well.. After buffing the mold halves to a fine shine, I layed up the first part. Anxiety was relieved when it practically jumped out of the mold the next morning. The first thing I did was … Continued

Opening the Mold

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After repeating the process for the back half of the mold, this morning I went out to the shop and separated the mold halves to see if I was successful. The anxiety with molds, especially multi-part molds, is the investment … Continued

Mold Making Part II

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The front mold half is finished and being prepared for the layup of the second this weekend. Stabilizing boards were added to prevent warping and curving. Attached with bondo first to insulate them from the glass itself and prevent resin … Continued