Saturday Surfing…

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Davide Guiducci over the Dolomites last week. Remember that photo of GW meadows over the Pali coast 20 years ago? The modern version… Exceptional shot. Waves in Fluid Air is an exploitable fluid just like water: Steve Fossett without a … Continued

Worlds Etc

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Day one of the worlds – cancelled due to wind. Basically the first half of this year has been spent chasing down cash to fund the finale: the worlds. Arriving, unwinding, and flying the big air of Fiesch was a … Continued

Coverts to come

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    I picked up a couple of man slaves at the local peoples market. They didn’t cost much and require some work, but overall, it was a good deal. Team pilot, Dustin Martin, is on his way back to … Continued

Rob Kells Memorial

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It was that time of the year again to leave the remains of Montana winter and to head toward Florida for two of the most competitive US Hang Gliding comps of the season. The thought of walking bare foot in … Continued


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Took the day off and advantage of a bright moon for an early start up into one of the alpine cirques in West Glacier Park. My friend, Justin Woods, lives in Whitefish so after work I threw my gear in … Continued

2010 News Summary

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11/24/10 Thanksgiving and Christmas Closing – Wallaby 2011 Dates We will be closed on Thursday November 25th and Friday November 26th for Thanksgiving. We will also close down for our traditional two week Christmas break on Friday December 17th, and … Continued