Finsterwalder Pneumatic Wheels (EACH)


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The Finsterwalder wheels are pneumatic wheels of larger diameter. The 8” diameter Finster Wheel is 2 inches wide, and the 10” diameter Finster Wheel is 3 ¼ inches wide. Either wheel offers increased protection in a wheel landing situation, and the wider 10” diameter wheel is great for use in training situations, or for pilots who prefer to land on the wheels on a regular basis. The Finster wheels slide easily onto the basetube and rotate on the basetube. They are each available with either the standard 1 1/8 inch inside diameter bushing for the most common basetube size, or with a 1 ¼ inch inside diameter bushing which fits the Falcon Tandem basetube. The Finsterwalder Wheels are priced and sold as individual wheels – two are required.

Note: If purchasing for a glider with VG, only one bushing with VG hole is required. So, select one wheel with VG hole busing and one without.


Parts List

Part # Part Description Specification Category Retail
70M-1011 INNER TUBE FINSTER WHEEL 200 X 40MM EA Wheels $14.19
70M-1020 BUSHING WHEEL HUB 1.125 ID EA Wheels $4.50
70M-1021 BUSHING WHEEL HUB 1.250 ID EA Wheels $4.50
70M-1025 WHEEL 8" FINST W/BUSH 1.125 ID EA Wheels $51.00
70M-1026 WHEEL 8" FINST W/BUSH 1.250 ID EA Wheels $51.00
70M-1028 WHEEL 10"FINST W/BUSH 1.125 ID EA Wheels $69.00
70M-1029 WHEEL 10"FINST W/BUSH 1.250 ID EA Wheels $69.00

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