Hall 5 Inch Wheels (SET)


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The Hall Wheel is a 5” diameter, 2” wide molded hard plastic wheel, and comes with a hub and mounting screws. The Hall wheels are best used as “safety” wheels to protect the pilot in the case of inadvertent contact of the basetube with the ground during an awkward landing. They are normally mounted semi-permanently to the basetube with the included self-clamping hubs, and then the basetube is simply removed at both ends from the basetube end brackets when packing up the glider. The Hall Wheels fit the standard 1 1/8 inch diameter round basetubes, and the hub on one of the two wheels will accommodate a VG rope (the wheel turns on the mounted hub, rather than on the basetube). The Hall Wheels are priced and sold in sets of 2.

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Weight 1.23 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 2 in