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Wait For The Wind


Jenny Winfield, a 20-something fledgling features writer in Chicago has enough to keep her busy: a boyfriend Smithie, her rescue dog Laurence Olivier, and her beloved Uncle Louie, whose recent run in with loan sharks is a constant worry. A free spirit, Jenny is quirky, some would say flighty, and always late–with strong opinions and a drive to express them. Plus she’s endowed with a fashion sense unique to her own.

Scott McCabe, gorgeous 38-year-old airline pilot, lives his West Coast life on his own terms. Neat, punctual and no surprises. Always in control, like Scott himself, his life is predictable, ordered, and full enough to suit him. Exactly how he likes it.

A black-edged telegram changes all that in an instant. The death of his oldest friend, and her half-brother, throws the two polar opposites together. They become unlikely partners in a failing hang-gliding business.

Set in 1980, during the turbulent take off of the new sport, the two lovers shoulder the burden of their inherited money woes, but their opposite personalities have them questioning the intense attraction and obsessive love they both feel for each other.

Jenny makes a rash decision to enter the two of them in a dangerous trans-pacific hang-gliding contest, hoping to win the prize money, and save the business. Scott, compelled by his desire for her, reluctantly goes along–though his history and instincts are screaming, “No!” The dangerous race could end their burgeoning relationship, and possibly their own lives. They will enter soar or surrender to the forces that may prove their undoing.

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