One of the hallmarks of Wills Wing is our long time commitment to personal service. We try to treat every Wills Wing customer and potential customer as a personal friend. We will make every effort to respond to each and every request we receive for service or information. Unfortunately, we do have limited personnel resources with which to provide direct, personal customer support, and sometimes those resources are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of requests for help and information that we receive. If you’ve tried to contact us in writing, by phone or by email, and haven’t received a response, it is most likely because we’ve been temporarily overloaded, and haven’t gotten to your inquiry yet.

You can help us be more effective in providing you with timely service in the following ways:

  • If you have product related questions, or technical questions, take advantage of the information that is already in place on our web site. Look through the product and technical support sections of the site to see if those questions are already answered. If you have general questions about hang gliding or paragliding, check out the articles and frequently asked questions sections.
  • If you’re a retail customer and need service work done on your glider, check with your local dealer. Aside from hang glider sail repairs, which we do perform here at the factory, other service work such as hang glider annual inspections, repairs, parts replacements are normally performed by a Wills Wing dealer.
  • If you need to order parts, use the online or printed version of the appropriate owner’s manual to obtain proper part numbers and descriptions, and please include the glider serial number. For any fabricated parts, we need the glider’s serial number, or a complete description sufficient for us to identify the exact model, size, year of manufacture and any configuration options. For hang glider leading edges and leading edge parts, specify right or left. Remember that for safety reasons, replacement parts must be ordered through an authorized dealer.
  • If you need technical help or info on a specific hang glider, please include the serial number in your email or have it ready if you call. If you can’t find the serial number, please have a complete description including model, size, color, year of manufacture, etc.
  • If you have a question regarding hang loops or hang length, please measure your existing hang loop to basetube length (from hang point to top of basetube). If you have questions regarding a Wills Wing harness please provide the serial number if available. If you can’t find the serial number then identify the dealer it was purchased from and provide a simple description of the harness colors and any special custom options it might have been ordered with.
  • If, after looking through the site, you still need to contact us to get information or service, use the following guide to help you contact the right person. Keep in mind that we can most efficiently respond to email requests.
  • If you’d like to learn more about Wills Wing and the people who make your gliders and harnesses, as well as a little company history, click the ‘History’ link in the menubar above.

Telephone: (714) 998-6359

Phone Extensions / Departments / E-mail

101 Order Desk, Customer Service, Dealer Service: Linda Meier
103 Production Schedule, Technical Support, HG Harnesses, Hang Loops: Mike Meier
104 Design & Engineering: Steve Pearson
105 Purchasing Agent: Alfredo Grey

Postal Address

Wills Wing
500 West Blueridge Avenue
Orange, CA 92865


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Mike Meier, Linda Meier, Steven Pearson, and Chris Wills


Linda Meier

Alfredo Grey – Inventory
David Aldrich – Marketing

Metal Shop
Tom Blaty – Airframes, Machinist
Ken Howells – Final Assembly
Gary Smith – CNC, Machinist
Alan King – Battens

Sail Loft
Alfredo Grey – Sail Cutter, Manager
Moises Cortes, Alan King, Martin Maldonado, Carlos Mendosa, Luis Medina -Sail Makers

Mike Meier – Harnesses, Hang Loops
Eva Hanska – Accessories, Harness Maker
Luis Medina- Accessories, Glider Bags

Bruce Lofy – Shipping

Production Test Pilots
Steven Pearson, Mike Meier, Ken Howells, Alfredo Grey, David Aldrich

Steven Pearson, David Aldrich

Gallery of Year-end Photos

If you have general comments about our products, service, website structure, etc., we welcome you to submit them. We regret that we may not be able to respond to each and every e-mail message we receive; please be assured that your comments will be taken under consideration.




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We all wish you a safe and enjoyable flying career.
Wills Wing, Inc.