To use the color picker to choose your colors and materials for a custom order:

  1. Use the selection box on the left to choose the glider model, (and pattern if applicable) and then click on the down arrow icon on the right to display a text box of your panel choices. Note: Scroll down to see all choices – the models and patterns are not listed in alphabetical order.
  2. The button to the right switches between top and bottom views. You must click the button to activate the named view!
    The button will say Bottom View when you are looking at the top view, and Top View when showing the bottom view
  3. Be sure to make a selection for each panel shown in the model and pattern you have chosen – don’t leave any choices blank.  Verify this on the displayed panel list – no panels should show as “NONE.”
  4. Use the save icon (floppy disk) on the right to download a list of your panel selections, or use the down arrow button to show your panel selections and then take a screen shot with the selections shown.

To use the color picker to display inventory gliders:

Scroll to the glider of your choice on the inventory list below and click “SHOW.”  Note that many inventory gliders will be all white on the top surface, so that view may not change when you click on “SHOW.” Click on the green plus sign button at the upper left of each glider listing to display more information about the glider.

Please contact your Wills Wing Dealer to order any of the inventory gliders or to order a custom glider with colors of your choosing. Inventory gliders are subject to prior sale, list is updated frequently. See the Control Bar/Leg Page and the Sailcloth Page for descriptions of the various options below.

HG Inventory List current as of: March 6, 2019

Chosen Colors

    The sizes, shapes, and colors of sail panels as seen here must be considered as approximate representations due to variations in panel sizes and shapes across different sizes of a given model, or within a given glider size due to variations in multiple production patterns used to accommodate variations in sail cloth supplies. The colors shown are approximate, based on matching the fabric swatches with the Pantone Matching System RGB Color Equivalents. Computer screens vary widely in color reproduction. Be sure to refer to your dealer’s color samples before making any final decisions on colors for your sail. Even so, note that sail colors as they appear on a finished glider will differ even from those of the samples due to effects of different lighting, and the manner in which light transmitted through a top surface panel can affect the color of the bottom surface panel below it. As a result, colors on the finished glider may be significantly different from what is displayed here or what you see in fabric samples. Some colors may be out of stock from time to time and the list of available colors may change. Many recent photos of production test-flying are posted to Facebook.