S3 Overview & Features

A Legacy of Innovation

The Sport series of gliders from Wills Wing has always defined what a sport class, recreational high-performance glider should be. The Sport 3 brings that heritage to its highest level.

Aerodynamic Refinements

The most significant aerodynamic revisions to the Sport 3 are a redesigned sail and stability system that together provide for a tighter-flatter sail and allow for lower sprog settings. This lower twist sail both significantly improves high speed performance and reduces pitch pressures at high speed. These changes also contribute to improved handling across the speed range and range of VG adjustment. The Sport 3 can also be configured with carbon fiber raked tips that increase the effective aspect ratio, reducing induced drag to further enhance low speed performance.

Redesigned Sail

Carbon Fiber Raked Tips


Airframe and Hardware

The Sport 3 airframe introduces new tuning options to more effectively optimize the control and handling characteristics for a wider range of sail configurations and pilot preferences. Now it’s easier than ever to tighten an older sail or loosen a crisp new wing. The Variable Geometry System has also been redesigned to be more effective and easier to pull. A Kickstand Stinger is also included to make setup and breakdown even easier.

Kickstand Stinger


Redesigned VG

Development Goals and Constraints:


Lightest Weight Glider in its Class


Easiest to Fly and Land Glider in its Class


Industry’s Highest Quality Materials and Construction Standards

Most Affordable Glider in its Class


We were also focused on improving the fit and finish of the smallest details, like adding folded hems to zipper openings and optimizing every single patch for both appearance and effectiveness. Combined with the remarkable performance gains and the extensive service and support that you’ve come to expect from Wills Wing, the Sport 3 will exceed your expectations for sport-class soaring enjoyment.



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Configurations and Options

The Sport 3 is available in Two Configurations


Options Sport 3 Sport 3 Race
Custom Colors in All Panels. Top and Bottom
Speed Battens
Black Anodized Airframe and Hardware
Kickstand Keel Stinger
Laminate Bottom Surface
Laminate Top Surface
Raked Tips
Price (USD MSRP) 5,575 6,475

Note: Custom color choice, black anodized airframe and speed battens were options on the Sport 2 but are now included as standard on the Sport 3.


Other Options

Base Model Upgrade Options (Included in Race Package) Part No Retail
Custom Sail Patterns – Quoted on Request
P1 UPGRADE 170 TO 205MT 01A-A2 $90.00
P1 UPGRADE 170 TO UVPX or 240MT 01A-A29 $210.00
P4 UPGRADE 170 TO 205MT 01A-A31 $90.00
P4 UPGRADE 170 TO 240MT 01A-A321 $180.00
P3/P4 UPGRADE 170 TO UVPX 01A-A37 $360.00
MYLAR SAIL UPGRADE UVPXB/W10 P1 and UVPXB/W10 P3/P4 01A-A52 $570.00
Additional Upgrade Options Part No Retail
Leading Edge Wills Wing Logo Vinyl 70H-1014 $75.00
Slipstream/Litestream Control Bar Wheel Kit 70M-1240 $140.00

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Specification Sport 3 135 Sport 3 155
Area (m^2) 12.5 14.4
Span (m) 8.9 9.6
Span w/ Raked Tips (ft) 9.1 9.8
Aspect Ratio 6.4 6.4
Aspect Ratio w/ Raked Tips 6.6 6.6
Glider Weight (kg) 24.5 26.3
Hook-In Weight (kg) 61-94 68-113
Optimum Body Weight (kg) 59-70 70-98
Double Surface (%) 85
USHPA Rating 3
Vne (kph) 85
Va (kph) 74
Vms (kph) 30
Length (m bag) (in) 4.7 5.1
Break-down (m) 3.4 3.7
Specification Sport 3 135 Sport 3 155
Area (ft^2) 135 155
Span (ft) 29.3 31.5
Span w/ Raked Tips (ft) 29.8 32.1
Aspect Ratio 6.4 6.4
Aspect Ratio w/ Raked Tips 6.6 6.6
Glider Weight (lbs) 54 58
Hook-In Weight (lbs) 135-200 150-250
Optimum Body Weight (lbs) 130-155 155-215
Double Surface (%) 85
USHPA Rating 3
Vne (mph) 53
Va (mph) 46
Vms (mph) 19
Length (in bag) (in) 184 200
Break-down (in) 136 146

Key to specifications


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Rudy Gotes

Flying the Sport 3 during the competition at El Peñon classic race against the U2C 145 and U2C 160 was a very interesting challenge. I was competing against Daniel Velez. He is very similar weight as me and we have been competing against each other and we have very similar level.
The Sport 3 155 at 65 km/h during transitions was doing very well against the U2C 145. The U2C 160 I noticed that had a little better performance at 65 km/h In a 5 km glide. I would be a little behind but I could climb a bit faster, so I realized that my advantage was the climb rate and the handling. At higher speeds like 85 or 95 km/h I could not beat Daniel or the U2s. I believe that a pilot that weights 85 kg with a competition Sport 3 155 will be almost better than flying a U2 145.
That handling on Sport 3 155 is amazing and it really makes a difference flying with the raked tips.

Jonathan Dietch


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