T2 Overview

The Wills Wing T2 is a highly refined high performance, competition class glider featuring a long list of hardware upgrades and improvements in the sail design. The result is an extraordinary combination of superb handling qualities and unsurpassed performance built on a platform of exceptional quality. The T2 features a robust yet light-weight carbon fiber crossbar, a wide-range VG system with 24:1 reduction for effortless activation, and a highly rigid sprog stability system with compensating inboard sprogs. The sail is clean and flat, with a very high percentage of double surface and extremely low twist. Roll pressures are light and the roll rate is quick, and yet the glider is stable on tow, offers excellent directional tracking, and is easy to land. The exceptional sink rate and climb performance allow for an expansion in the upper end of the weight range, allowing a pilot in the transition range between sizes to step down a size, and pick up further enhancements in glide performance at speed.

For serious recreational and cross country pilots, or for anyone with advanced skills looking for the highest levels of flex wing performance at a surprisingly affordable price, the T2 is configurable with a long list of options, including all mylar top surface sail with special UV resistant film,  carbon-kevlar leading edge pocket inserts, standard Slipstream2 or Litestream control bar downtubes, a specially designed carbon streamlined basetube or the standard aluminum streamlined basetube, and streamlined control bar basetube wheels set (aluminum basetube only). The ultralight and extra stiff 12mm battens, and customer choice of colors are now included for the T2 without additional charge.

The Wills Wing T2C is the full competition version of the T2, and includes carbon rear leading edges and carbon sprogs in addition to other options available on the T2: all mylar top surface sail with special “UV-film” laminate sail material standard with Technora and Carbon laminate optional, carbon-kevlar leading edge pocket inserts, and an ergonomically-designed carbon streamlined basetube. (Pilots may “de-select” options if they choose to, for example by requesting an aluminum speedbar basetube instead of the carbon basetube, but the T2C glider price is not reduced for any included equipment that is deselected. The carbon rear leading edges and carbon sprogs are standard on, and only available on, the T2C, so a pilot who does not desire the carbon rear leading edges and sprogs should order the T2, and add options as desired from there.)

The T2C features the same superb handling qualities as the T2. In addition, the increased stiffness provided by the carbon components allows for lower twist and a commensurate boost in high-speed performance to match or exceed the most exotic factory works gliders you will compete against.

On July 3, 2012 Dustin Martin set the World Open Distance Record with a flight of 475 miles from Zapata, Texas illustrating the extraordinary performance potential of the Wills Wing T2C-144. You can read more about that flight here.

Thanks to Jonathan Dietch for producing this video.


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T2 Features

  • The easiest to fly competition-class glider
  • Custom choice of colors with many sail panel options included
  • Extended range and easy-to-pull 24:1 VG system
  • Choice of Slipstream 2 or Litestream Performance Control Bar with machined aerodynamic fittings and streamline basetube
  • Internal four-sprog stability system with composite transverse battens
  • Button spring-lock tang attachments
  • 7075 Airframe (Keel, Leading Edges and Battens)
  • 12mm 7075 Battens which are both 1 lb. lighter and stiffer than standard 10mm battens
  • Premium 205MT Square fabric standard for the leading and trailing edge panels
  • UV-film laminates are optional for top surface panels
  • 5/64 (2mm) 1×19 front-rear wires, 3/32 1×19 sidewires standard
  • Lever-type rear batten tips
  • Bottom surface battens & internal shear ribs precisely control sail shape
  • Curved tip planform with extraordinarily precise sail fit and finish
  • Medium weight, XC–type glider, control bar, batten and tip bags, and velcro sail ties
  • Spare parts kit, team hat, bumper sticker
  • Comprehensive owner / service manual and batten diagram


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T2C Features

The T2C includes all T2 features plus the following

  • Carbon rear leading edges
  • Carbon sprogs with 1/8 inch cables
  • UV-film UVX15, UVPXB/W10 laminate sail included
  • Carbon-kevlar leading edge pocket inserts
  • Carbon streamlined basetube


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Description T2 / T2C
Custom Sail Patterns Quoted on Request
Customer color choice Included
12mm battens Included
Slipstream 2 or Litestream (saves 1.5 lbs.) Downtubes Included
205MT Leading Edge Included
205MT Trailing Edge Included
Description Part No T2 T2C
COLORED #2, #3 OR #4 PANEL 01A-A6 $75.00 Included
P4 upgrade 205MT to 240MT 01A-A33 $90.00 Included
P1 UPGRADE 205 TO UVPX or 240MT 01A-A3 $90.00 Included
MYLAR SAIL UPGRADE UVX15 or UVPXW10 P1 and UVPXW10 P3/P4 01A-A52 $570.00 Included
Carbon speedbar upgrade 01A-B3 $480.00 Included
Carbon-Kevlar LE insert 74×7.8 (price per each, need 2) 15M-2003 $108.00 Included
P1 UPGRADE UVPX to UVODL06 01A-A30 $240.00
P3 – P4 UPGRADE UVPX to UVODL04 or UVODL06 01A-A35 $360.00
UVP2LXB-1 Window Bottom Surface 01A-A816 $330.00
Carbon keel stinger 01A-B30 $300.00
Keel fairing – rear Wire junction 50F-1010 $90.00
Raked Tips 01A-A91 $198.00
Speed battens 01A-A9 $240.00
Carbon downtubes  01A-B301 $480.00
Slipstream/Litestream Control Bar Wheel Kit 70M-1240 $140.00

See Also: Sailcloth Options Article and Hang Glider Sailcloth Information

Some options may be incompatible with others. See your Wills Wing dealer for details.


Specification T2C 136 T2/T2C 144 T2/T2C 154
Area (m^2) 12.6 13.4 14.3
Span (m) 9.6 9.9 10.2
Aspect Ratio 7.3 7.3 7.4
Glider Weight (kg) 30.8 32.2 33.1
Hook-In Weight (kg) 68-95 73-107 84-130
Optimum Body Weight (kg) 59-68 68-82 82-91
Nose Angle (deg) 127-132
Double Surface (%) 92
USHPA Rating 4
Vne (kph) 85
Va (kph) 74
Vms (kph) 34
Vd (kph) 113
Length (in bag) (m) 4.9 5.0 5.2
Break-down (m) 3.7 3.9 4.1
HGMA Cert. (T2) 2/26/2013 5/22/2006 10/6/2006
Sugg. Retail (T2) $7075.00
Sugg. Retail (T2C) $8885.00
Specification T2C 136 T2/T2C 144 T2/T2C 154
Area (ft^2) 136 144 154
Span (ft) 31.4 32.3 33.5
Aspect Ratio 7.3 7.3 7.4
Glider Weight (lbs) 68 71 73
Hook-In Weight (lbs) 150-210 160-235 185-285
Optimum Body Weight (lbs) 130-150 150-180 180-200
Nose Angle (deg) 127-132
Double Surface (%) 92
USHPA Rating 4
Vne (mph) 53
Va (mph) 46
Vms (mph) 21
Vd (mph) 70
Length (in bag) (in) 191 196 204
Break-down (in) 147 152 161
HGMA Cert. (T2) 2/26/2013 5/22/2006 10/6/2006
Sugg. Retail (T2) $7075.00
Sugg. Retail (T2C) $8885.00

Key to specifications


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05/16/2011 Mike Glennon on the T2C 154 The glider is fantastic. Congratulations. For the first time EVER, I felt I was flying a glider that could climb and glide with the best pilots in the world. I am quite heavy on the glider, 95 kilos, and I was amazed to see that I was climbing as well as anyone out there. The best thing about the glider was the glide, it was SO nice to be able to pull in and fly wing-to-wing with the fastest pilots, who ALWAYS used to pull away from me before.

05/02/2011 Miguel Molina on the T2C 144 Just to let you know that I am very happy with my new T2C – for the first time I do not feel handicapped when flying with the rest of the pack.

04/15/2011 Miguel Molina on the T2C 144 Finally I got my [T2C] glider last Friday. I flew it on Monday and what a nice surprise! It is extremely well balanced and with a dream handling, I feel it always under total control. I think the new sail was a good choice. CONGRATULATIONS TO WW for this dream machine!

06/23/08 Steve Morris on the T2C I’ve been flying my Millennium rigid wing since 1998 and until recently I have been able to out-sink and out-glide flex wings by a noticeable margin. This year several pilots at my local flying site (Fort Funston) began flying the new Wills Wing T2C and now I’ve seen my performance advantage vanish! The T2C is comparable to my Millennium over the entire speed range in both glide and sink rate. Congratulations, the T2C has bridged the performance gap between flex and rigid wings! Steve Morris was on the design team for the BrightStar Swift and the Millennium rigid wing

T2-JeffObrien01/24/07 Jeff O’Brien on the T2 “You’ve got a winner!” I’ve just returned from a three-week flying trip in Australia. After some tuning advice from Andreas Olsson, the T2 154 I was flying in the meets was performing every bit as well as the hottest race ships from Moyes and Aeros. Forbes was a great venue for comparison with six tasks covering almost 700miles! The level of competition was also world class with 30 of the top 50 ranked pilots in attendance. I was able to stick with the lead gaggle, when I made the right decisions, and wasn’t out performed climbing or gliding. The glider enabled me to finish 16th in the meet. An Italian pilot who I flew with frequently commented, “The T2 is gliding much better than last year.” Additionally, after talking about tuning with a Brazillian pilot he said, “Don’t change a thing. Your glider’s going really well.” With a faired instrument pod, and cleaner peripheral gear, I’m anxious to see how much better the glider will perform. Thank you for your technical support and building a quality glider that goes like stink! Cheers, Jeff O’Brien

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