Batten Labels

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We are now labeling battens with a color-number-band to help pilots sort and identify their battens.

labels on battens

Green battens correspond to the right wing and red to the left. The number 2 batten is always the shortest curved batten and the remainder are in order from short to long, tip to root

batten order

You can order a set of labels from Wills Wing as follows:

  1. We will provide the labels without charge for a current production model if you send us a stamped, self addressed envelope. On the outside of the envelope, write “batten labels” and identify your glider model, e.g. “Falcon 4 170”

Wills Wing
500 West Blueridge
Orange, CA 92865

2. Alternately or if you have an older model, you can order a set for $5.00 by sending an email to

full mailing address
glider number and model

Please follow up with a call to Linda to provide your credit card information (do not include in your email).

Batten labels

Apply the labels as described above. The bottom of the label should be adjacent to the cut edge of the 10mm tubing or to the edge of the threaded insert for 12mm tubing. It’s helpful to use a pin to lift the edge of the label from the adhesive backing. Try to minimize handling and align them properly on the first application because they are difficult to re-position.

Wills Wing battens are always numbered from tip to root so be sure to apply the no. 2 label to the shortest cambered batten !