Brauniger Variometers 2003

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From the Sonic through the Compeo (Galileo) Brauniger has the most complete line of high quality flight instruments in the world.

For 2003, Brauniger has added new features to the Compeo (which can be downloaded and installed by the customer). Also, the Comp/GPS has an improved final glide algorithm resulting in a more stable readout and a new function to display L/D to a GPS waypoint without an ASI attached.

The Brauniger 2003 Prices are itemized below. They are effective for all orders received on or after March 24, 2003. Note that non category-1 discount dealers can save $10 to $50 on quantities of 3 or more varios (of the same model), and category-1 discount dealers can get the three price when ordering one at a time. Also note that the IQ Competition/GPS dealer price is $100 LESS than the October 2002 price.

ID Description Retail Dealer Cat 1 Dealer
or Dealer @3
70K-4100 IQ SONIC BRAUNIGER VARIO $189.00 $114.00 $104.00
70K-4170 AV PILOT BRAUNIGER VARIO $325.00 $210.00 $185.00
70K-4150 IQ COMFORT BRAUNIGER VARIO $375.00 $250.00 $225.00
70K-4140 IQ COMP GPS BRAUNIGER VARIO $650.00 $425.00 $400.00