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Many thanks to those of you that have logged on to the Dealer area of the web site. There is now a shipped order log that will give you access to information on your recent shipments, and includes UPS tracking information!

Demo Schedule East Coast

August 16th-18th
Hang glider / Paraglider demos
Morningside New Hampshire (603) 542-4416
Mitch McAleer will be on hand to demo Swing and Airwave paragliders. Mitch has won the World Aerobatic hang gliding championships many times. Weather permitting, you can expect the best HG aerobatic demonstration you have ever seen! Rob Kells will be demoing our line of hang gliders.

August 21st-25th
Hang glider / Paraglider demos
Fly High, Ellenville New York (845) 744-3317
Join us for flying and fun during the US National Fly-In!

August 28th September 8th
Hang glider demos
BlueSky (540) 432-6557 / Highland Aerosports (410) 634-2700 Virginia / Maryland
We’ll be dividing up the hang glider demos between these two great flight parks during this period. Call them for model / size availability.

September 10th – 15th
Hang glider demos
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee / Georgia (706) 398-3541
This is the week of the US National Speed Gliding Championships. There will be aerotow and mountain demos, plus some crazy, speedy pilots to watch!

First Galileos Arrive in the USA

The first units have finally arrived. The audio response on the Vario is the most sensitive we have ever seen! We expect to be receiving one or two per week. If you’d like the hottest new technology in flight instrumentation, get your dealer to order you one. We will of course fill the backorders in the order we receive them.


2002 Talons Comments

Here is what Scott Leonard had to say about his 2002 Talon 150:

“Regarding my first impressions/flights… I towed 4 times on Sunday and had 2 flights that were ‘flight(s) of the day’… The conditions were South and generally light/stable but with some mildly ‘gnarly’ cycles… Just enough to make towing interesting at times. The lift was less than 200 fpm IF/WHEN you could find it… Sink was abundant/strong. The glider handled superbly… a bit ‘touchy’ at first perhaps, but I soon became accustomed to the VERY light handling/bar-pressures and by the end of the day felt sufficiently ‘dialed-in’ and comfortable.
The quality of workmanship/materials/service/relations is excellent and customer satisfaction is extremely high.
Please commend your staff for their efforts to satisfy this ‘fussy’ (discerning) customer. Hang gliding has touched my life, calmed my soul and excited my spirit…”
Scott Leonard

Falcon Tandem Comments

Christian Thoreson, the chief instructor at Lookout Mountain sent us this:

“I took my new Falcon Tandem out to the big hill today and had a foot launch clinic with two other tow tandem pilots. This new Tandem is every bit better as y’all said it was. What a pleasure to launch, and the easiest foot landing tandem glider I have ever flown.
Everything right where I like it.
You guys are amazing! Thanks for making my flying FUN !!!”

Rob McKenzie has logged more than 7500 foot launch tandems in his teaching career. Here are his comments on the new Falcon Tandem glider:

“It is nice to finally have a tandem glider that performs well, has light and neutral roll response, and flares smoothly with full rotation without that feeling of pushing against a brick wall.”
Rob McKenzie

Vulto Harness

This ultra clean harness is now in full production. We will have inventory units available for sale soon. Have a look at the web site for the harnesses we have coming. Expect custom VULTO orders to take about eight weeks.

Kickass Sale Continues

There are only three Rotor Kickass harnesses with the internal parachute containers left in stock. We have lowered the retail price to only $525, Dealer $367.50! Check them out on the web.


Drop Shipping Orders

Our policies state that we don’t sell or drop-ship gliders direct to customers. By extension of that same policy, our dealers are not permitted to drop-ship gliders to customers either. When a customer purchases a Wills Wing glider, our policies require that he personally take delivery of the glider from the dealer from whom he purchased the glider. This policy is for safety reasons – to insure that there is a personal, direct contact between the dealer and the customer, to insure that the customer has all the required expertise, and receives all the required information, to use the product safely.

A complete list of our dealers is on our web site here.

 New Glider Bag From Swing

Adjustable Volume due to All Round Zipper

  1. Two Compression Straps inside the Glider Bag
  2. Optimized Ergonomics at Shoulder and Hip Belts and a wide range of adjustability for maximum carrying comfort
  3. “Key Pocket” integrated into Hip Belt for small goods
  4. Detachable Hip Belt for Cable Car Transport
  5. Separated Net Compartment for Helmet inside the head part
  6. Two additional outside pockets for flying utensils
  7. Rugged Polyester 600 D “High Yarn Count” Material
  8. “Double Shuttle” Sewing at all important seams

All new SWING gliders will be equipped with this new

SWING Glider Bag at no extra charge.

That’s all for now, please direct any comments you may have on the content in this news letter to

Thank you for your continued support, and above all, fly safe!
The Wills Wing Crew