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A New Business Model?

We’ve seen this before, and we’re seeing it again. When things get tough, when the market contracts, some manufacturers and suppliers adopt short-sighted policies to try to prop up sales. Factory direct sales of gliders at discounted prices looks like a great deal at first – the manufacturer gets increased sales and increased revenue, and the customer gets a deal. So what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with it is that it leaves out the most important component in the whole supply chain – the schools. Without schools, we have no new pilots, without new pilots, any marketing strategy is just an end-game, exit strategy. The reality of this is amply demonstrated by the number of schools that have gone out of business in Europe – where this practice is most widespread, and the fact that historically, no manufacturer here in the U.S. who has adopted this strategy has remained in business for very long afterward.

Of course the other problem with this business model is that it can eventually eliminate the manufacturers who are trying to do it right. In a contracting market, every glider sale is important, and even more important to those manufacturers who are assuming the increased burdens involved in supporting the schools and the sport as a whole. (That’s US, in case you hadn’t seen where we were going with this!)

So what can you do? Simple – support the manufacturers that consistently support the schools. Don’t support the manufacturers that aren’t supporting you. Don’t buy or sell products from manufacturers that sell retail direct at dealer prices. And let us know if we can help. If you have a potential customer who is leaning towards a factory direct purchase, give us a chance to help you close the deal – whether it’s expedited delivery, or a special price, we’ll try our best to help you out.

Brauniger Variometers

Brauniger now has the most complete line of high quality flight instruments in the world. (Which helps explain why Brauniger sells more hang gliding instruments, world wide, than anyone else.) We’re making it easier for you to sell Brauniger Instruments with a new model – The AV-PILOT – and new, lower prices.

The AV-PILOT is Brauniger’s new, lower priced, entry level unit. Based on the IQ Comfort – the AV PILOT features the same high quality components as the rest of the Brauniger line, and has both digital and graphical readout for climb and descent rates, and digital readouts for altitude and time. The AV-PILOT does not have airspeed capability, but does have a 50-flight memory capacity. Look for details on our website soon.

Here are the new Brauniger Prices – Note that non category 1 discount dealers can now save $10 to $46 on quantities of 3 or more varios, and category 1 discount dealers can get the three price when ordering one at a time.

70K-4100 IQ SONIC BRAUNIGER $ 189.00 $ 113.40 $ 93.40
70K-4170 AV PILOT BRAUNIGER $ 375.00 $ 225.00 $ 155.00
70K-4150 IQ COMFORT BRAUNIGER $ 450.00 $ 270.00 $ 190.00
70K-4130 IQ COMP BRAUNIGER $ 750.00 $ 450.00 $ 370.00
70K-4140 IQ COMP GPS BRAUNIGER $ 965.00 $ 579.00 $ 499.00
70K-4160 BRAUNIGER GALILEO HG $ 1350.00 $ 945.00 $ 865.00
70K-4162 BRAUNIGER GALILEO PG $ 1350.00 $ 945.00 $ 865.00


The 2002 Talons Really Go!

The tables are slowly being turned in competition.

Our congratulations to Nene Rotor, Chris Zimmerman, Jim Lee, Terry Presley, Carlos Bessa and Scott Angel for their excellent performances in the Texas Open, the Brazilian Nationals, the Pre- Worlds, and the U.S. Speed Gliding Nationals.

2002 Texas Open

1st Chris Zimmerman Talon 150
3rd Jim Lee Talon 150
4th Terry Presley Talon 140

2002 Brazilian Nationals 

1st Nene Rotor Talon 140
8th Carlos Bessa Talon 140

2002 Pre-Worlds 

3rd Nene Rotor Talon 140

2002 U.S. Speed Gliding Nationals 

1st Scott Angle Talon 140

What this means is that in three of the last four meets in which it has competed, the top placing Talon beat every Moyes Litespeed, every Icaro Laminar, and every Aeros Combat in the meet. In the fourth meet – the 2002 Pre-Worlds – the top placing Talon beat every Moyes Litespeed, every Icaro Laminar except one – Manfred Ruhmer’s; and every Aeros Combat except one – Oleg Bondarchuk’s.

We were all watching the results in the Pre-Worlds in Brazil that saw Nene in first place after seven rounds of competition. In the end, he was not able to hold off Manfred and Oleg, but he finished ahead of every other top ranked pilot in the world! We are very proud of all these recent performances, but the most exciting thing for us is flying and demoing pilots on the 2002 Talon. A number of pilots that took a demo flight on last year’s Talon thought it was too stiff in roll, and chose not to buy one. Many of these pilots that have flown the 2002 Talon have either ordered one or plan to!

After a full two years of continuous development and refinement, the Talon has clearly arrived at the top of the competition class.

Falcon Tandem

The Falcon Tandem continues to receive rave reviews from tandem pilots. No other tandem glider on the market offers the effective weight range of the Falcon Tandem, and no other tandem glider maintains the exceptional handling qualities of the Falcon Tandem across the entire weight range.

Falcon 2’s

The Falcon 2 140, 170, 195, and 225 models continue to impress us (and we’re not that easily impressed). We’ve sorted out some early issues with fragile spring batten tips (the current tips are virtually indestructible) and too-tight spring tip adjustment. We are also providing a batten installation tool with each Falcon 2 and Falcon Tandem now, and the completely revised, comprehensive owner’s manuals and batten diagrams are finished, and now being shipped with each glider.

Inventory Gliders

As always, we strive to maintain a good stock of inventory in all models for quick delivery. Some gliders are available for immediate shipment, some for delivery within a few weeks. We also have a number of demo gliders for sale at especially attractive prices. Click here to see what’s available.

Rotor Harnesses

We still have a few size 2 (skinny guy) Rotor Kick Ass harness with the internal parachute containers in stock, some Kick Ass Sidemounts, and we also have some demos we’d like to sell. Some prices have been reduced dramatically.

All Kick Ass harnesses have been discontinued – the remaining stock on the inventory list is all that is available.

Click here to see the Kick Ass inventory list and special pricing.

 Rotor VULTO

There’s finally a selection of the new Vultos in stock. Check them out. They are the cleanest and most comfortable feature packed harnesses made!

Dealer $805 – Retail $1150


Dealer $725 – Retail $995


Special Demo / School Deals Continue!

You can purchase any size Mistral 2, Logic or Sport for only $1600, or any size Arcus for only $1500, when purchased to be used in your school or as a demo glider. There is no better way to sell these gliders than to let pilots fly them. You must request the special demo/school pricing when ordering, and refer to this dealer bulletin.

Demo Scheduling

If you would like to schedule a demo, give Mitch a call, or email him at:

Parafly Carabiner Airworthiness

There has been another carabiner failure, and this time it was not a chromium one. For more detailed information see

Worn out and damaged carabiners should never be used for flight. We are now recommending steel carabiners for paraglider pilots as we have in hang gliding for many years.

Part ID Description Retail Dealer
20p-1135 Carabiner PG Steel Austrialpin $31.50 $21.00

Please Fly Safe,
The Wills Wing Crew