Dustin Back in the Shop

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Dustin is again at the Shapiro Skunk Works and, is helping me get a list of new Coverts done (and out the door) before I fly out to Valle De Bravo for the Mexican Nationals.

Dustin back (1)

Dustin back (2)

Always great having him in the shop. We’re at the machines for long hours making for long days but, when he’s here, it’s extremely motivating having another pilot/sewster to talk shit, discuss ideas, all while getting er done and getting pilots their harnesses for the upcoming season.

Dustin back (3)

Knowing that we would be “pulling” day and night for a few weeks, I managed to sneak up to the shores of Seeley Lake for the annual Snow Joke 1/2 marathon just before Dustin flew in. It’s a fun event where runners are encouraged to bring their dogs and join the typical 600+ participants to take a lap around the lake. The weather was interesting with heavy snow fall, temps hovering around 29 F and wind gusting to 25mph.  Perfect.  There was no lack of participation showing why I value the people in Montana.

Dustin back (4)

Getting competitive with myself, I managed to shave 20 mins off my time from the last occasion I ran the Snow Joke although, I basically “blew up” with the finish line in site.  Limping my way across the line, still somehow, felt good.  Good times.

Stay tuned for harness photos and images from Valle