Falcon 4 Release

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We are announcing the release of the Falcon 4 at this time in the 145, 170, and 195 sizes. The Falcon Tandem will remain a Falcon 3 Tandem at this time.

We will have more information on the Falcon 4 on our web site soon.

A few important points:

The Falcon 4 will be priced the same as the Falcon 3, but will come standard (at that price) with a NON – short packable airframe. The short packable airframe will be a $250 upgrade option. If you want the option you will need to specify that at the time the order is placed.

On the Falcon 4, you MAY order the Litestream Control Bar to be installed on the glider. (On the Falcon 3, the Litestream bar was only available as a separate item – all gliders were assembled with the normal control bar). The Litestream Control Bar upgrade option will be priced at $275. If you want the upgrade option you will need to specify that at the time the order is placed.

Falcon 3 orders that HAVE NOT BEEN STARTED can be converted to Falcon 4 orders, if you want to do so. In general, at this time, that means gliders scheduled for deliver assembly AFTER September 15th. You can have your dealer check with Wills Wing to see if your order is eligible. Again, you must specify if you want either of the options above.

In addition to the above, the Falcon 4 will incorporate:

All of the cumulative improvements we’ve made to the Falcon 3 since its introduction in 2006.

A new sail cut and sail panel layout (see photo).

Improved stability under aero tow conditions.

On the 195 size, an extra batten, a smaller diameter crossbar (on the non-short pack version only), and resulting improved sink rate and glide ratio performance.

For the present time, we will continue to accept orders for Falcon 3’s.