Glider Bag, Light Glider Bag and XTRA Light Glider Bag

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Glider bag types

We now have 3 types of glider bags. The standard bag (far right) that comes on a glider is made from 420D coated Nylon with 600D polyester reinforcements at the nose, tail and center, and no. 8 YKK zipper. This bag will pack inside a Z5 harness if rolled carefully. The Light Bag (center) is the same construction without reinforcements or handles and has a substantially lower pack volume. The XTRA LIGHT bag (far left) has the smallest pack volume and lightest weight, and is made from 210D Nylon rip-stop with no. 5 YKK zipper. For the common 202×20 size used on the T2-144 and Sport 2 155, the standard bag weighs 3.4 lb, the light bag 2.7 lb and the XTRA LIGHT bag 1.7 lbs. The XTRA LIGHT bag can be compressed to less than 50% of the pack volume of the standard bag but sacrifices by using lighter material and zipper. The LIGHT bag packs noticeably smaller than the standard bag with minimal compromise to durability.


45G-1100 GLIDER BAG LIGHT – SPECIFY SIZE (Or Glider Model / Size)
45G-1101 GLIDER BAG XTRA LIGHT – SPECIFY SIZE (Or Glider Model / Size)
45G-11nn GLIDER BAG [Length x Width]  (Select correct part number based on Glider Model/Size)