S2 Overview

The Sport 2 is our latest, and arguably our best, in a long line of easy, fun to fly gliders that offer extraordinary levels of performance. Unlike other high performance kingposted gliders intended for pilots with advanced skills, the Sport 2 is suitable for even a true intermediate level pilot. At the same time, the Sport 2 provides performance that will satisfy an experienced veteran.

We pioneered the concept of “the high performance glider you already know how to fly” in 1976. In 1986, with the introduction of the original Sport 167, we firmly established the parameters of the “Sport Class” glider; a true high performance glider that an intermediate level pilot can fly effectively, and have fun on. Today, first with the U2, and now with the Sport 2, we’ve brought that concept to its highest levels of refinement.

The Sport 2 utilizes internal sprogs for stability along with a single reflex bridle per wing. Equipped standard with the ultra low drag Litestream performance control bar and an effective VG system, the Sport 2 offers glide performance across the speed range that is just slightly below that of the U2! The Sport 2 tracks straight and true at any speed, with no tendency towards oscillations. The Sport 2’s “on rails” directional stability makes aerotowing a breeze, and allows for confident, accurate landing approaches. The Sport 2’s exceptional slow flight handling and performance give it a climb rate in thermals that is unsurpassed. Its unusually light weight and good static balance make ground handling and launching easy. Landing characteristics are also easy and forgiving, ensuring that even the end of your flight will be something to enjoy. And finally, the Sport 2 comes with all of the built in quality, and backed by all of the extensive support, that you’ve come to associate with Wills Wing.

If you’re in the market for a glider that you can enjoy right now, and continue to enjoy as you advance your skills and expand your experience for many years to come, take a look at the new Sport 2. Quite frankly, we’ve never made a better glider. And neither has anyone else.

Sport 2 VG system

Sport 2 control bar and hang system


Sport 2 control bar corner

New Litestream Compatible Round Speedbar Basetube

We are now offering the option of a round speedbar basetube on the Sport 2. This option is to address the requests of pilots who prefer the grip of a round basetube for comfort reasons, and pilots who want to be able to mount larger diameter wheels on a Litestream control bar. The photo shows the Litestream round speedbar mounted to a Sport 2, with Hall Wheels (not included) installed. We also have available VG compatible hubs for the larger 8 inch diameter Finsterwalder pneumatic wheels that will also allow them to be mounted on the Litestream round speedbar.

Pilots should expect approximately 1/2 point in degradation of L/D by going to the round basetube over the streamlined basetube. The Litestream compatible round speedbar is a no extra cost option when requested on any new glider order.


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Sport 2C Option

The base configuration of the Sport 2 is extraordinarily well equipped with some features that aren’t available at any price on comparable models from other manufacturers. These features are the foundation for the weight (as much as 8 lbs. lighter), handling and performance that have allowed innumerable pilots to achieve new personal milestones.

  • 100% 7075-T6 airframe, including keel, crossbar and leading edges (135 and 155 only)
  • Competition-class control bar with streamlined basetube
  • All hardware CNC machined in-house or from local shops, and only from wrought aluminum billet
  • Premium Polyant sailcloth

Over the years, we’ve added premium options to further enhance both performance and appearance. The Sport 2C configuration includes four of our most-popular and effective options. We are offering the “2C” package for $1000, a $500 discount from the total of these items priced separately.

  • UV-film laminate (Mylar) sail body
  • UV-film laminate (Mylar) “window” bottom surface
  • Speed battens
  • Special-edition black airframe

Other premium options like our carbon basetube, Technora sailcloth and colored batten pockets are available separately. Color and material section for the Sport 2C is available from the drop-down model selector on Color Picker page as “Sport 2 Window”



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  • Combination Bridle and Internal Stablilty System
  • Easy to Fly, High Performance, Intermediate Design
  • Easy to Pull, Effective VG System
  • Litestream Performance Control Bar
  • Composite Transverse Battens
  • Machined Aerodynamic Corner Fittings
  • Button Lock Spring – Tang Attachments
  • Very lightweight – all 7075 airframe (6061 leading edges on 175 size)
  • 7075-T6 Pre-formed Battens
  • Lever Rear Batten Tips
  • 3-Color Bottom Surface
  • Mylar-laminate sail options
  • Full Leading Edge Pocket and Mylar Insert
  • Quick-attach Nosecone
  • Streamlined Kingpost
  • Kingpost Hang Pilot Suspension
  • Integral Low drag Back-up Hang Loop
  • Curved Tip Planform
  • Medium Weight, XC–Type Glider Bag, Control Bar Bag, Batten and Tip Bags, and Velcro Sail Ties
  • Spare Parts Kit, Team Hat, Bumper sticker
  • Comprehensive Owner / Service Manual and Batten Diagram


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Description Part No Retail
Custom Sail Patterns – Quoted on Request
P1 UPGRADE 170/211 TO 205MT 01A-A2 $100.00
P1 UPGRADE 170 TO UVPXB05 or UPXW10 01A-A29 $200.00
P4 UPGRADE 170/211 TO 205 MT 01A-A31 $90.00
P4 UPGRADE 170 TO UVPXW10 OR UVPXB05 01A-A321 $200.00
MYLAR SAIL UPGRADE UVPXB/W10 P1 and UVPXB/W10 P3/P4 01A-A52 $570.00
COLORED P2, P3 OR P4 PANEL 01A-A6 $75.00
Slipstream/Litestream Control Bar Wheel Kit 70M-1240 $140.00

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Specification Sport 2 135 Sport 2 155 Sport 2 175
Area (m^2) 12.5 14.4 16.3
Span (m) 8.9 9.6 10.1
Aspect Ratio 6.4 6.4 6.3
Glider Weight (kg) 25.4 26.8 31.8
Hook-In Weight (kg) 61-94 68-113 79-145
Optimum Body Weight (kg) 59-70 70-98 98-118
Double Surface (%) 74
USHPA Rating 3
Vne (kph) 85
Va (kph) 74
Vms (kph) 30
Length (m bag) (in) 4.7 5.1 5.4
Break-down (m) 3.4 3.7 3.7
HGMA Cert. 10/6/2006 11/3/2004 1/31/2010
Sugg. Retail $5075.00
Specification Sport 2 135 Sport 2 155 Sport 2 175
Area (ft^2) 135 155 175
Span (ft) 29.3 31.5 33.1
Aspect Ratio 6.4 6.4 6.3
Glider Weight (lbs) 54 59 70
Hook-In Weight (lbs) 135-200 150-250 175-320
Optimum Body Weight (lbs) 130-155 155-215 215-260
Double Surface (%) 74
USHPA Rating 3
Vne (mph) 53
Va (mph) 46
Vms (mph) 19
Length (in bag) (in) 184 200 212
Break-down (in) 136 146 147
HGMA Cert. 10/6/2006 11/3/2004 1/31/2010
Sugg. Retail $5075.00

Key to specifications


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Thanks to Olaf Barthodzie for this great video review of the Sport 2

7/9/2007 Davis Straub
“The Sport 2 did a much better job than the pilots. It is also so easy to land that it is a crime. It is easy to thermal and climbs well at low speeds.”
04/07/10 Claire Vassort – Sport 2
The Glider and I
I wish to thank you for your kind support in allowing me to own a Sport 2 [135]. The glider is great! The weather allowed me only one flight so far, but I already know the glider and I will be having a great time. The light weight and super pleasant handling are what every pilot should experience. I can’t wait for the flying season to unroll.
All the Best from a Wills Wing Convert,
Claire Vassort
10/07/09 Josef Bostik – Former US Nationa Champ, airline pilot – Sport 2
You Hit The Sweet Spot With This Design
Wills Wing Note: Josef was the US National Champion in 1987 and 1988, flew an HPII to an unofficial open distance world record of 227.69 miles from Horseshoe to North of Austin, Nevada, and was the number 1 ranked pilot in the World in 1988. All on Wills Wing gliders.
It has been a long time since I had a serious flight in a hang glider. Your recommendation to try the Sport 2 155 was right on. What an easy glider to foot launch. It has perfect balance and easy handling, just right.
I hooked a thermal immediately and did not stop until I got to 6000′ MSL. It felt great from the start and I found the VG at one half to be perfect for thermaling and cruise. I flew over to the Crestline Ridge with Mitch and we cruised almost to the High School and back to Cajon Pass numerous times. I landed after 3 hours of flying in very rough conditions at the Andy Jackson Air Park in grass. What a special place. Thanks Rob McKenzie!
On Sunday it was clear that Torrey Pines would be “on” so John and I headed there. I met some old geasers there, ll in better shape than me. I was a little apprehensive about the launch since it was blowing hard, but shortly after launch I realized that the glider was very easy to handle and light to manage during launch. The second launch was very comfortable. I had no problem staying the highest at Torrey with full VG. The glider is still way more controllable at full VG than some other high performance blade wings of the 80s. I messed up one approach at Torrey and had my hands full coming in to land. The easy handling of the glider allowed me to recover and make a safe touch down.
My opinion is that if anyone wants to fly recreationally and occasionally, there is no good reason to fly anything better than the Sport 2 and put up with the comp glider complexities for a negligible performance increase that an average pilot cannot realize anyway. It takes commitment to squeeze out the best performance from a competition glider, but it takes no effort at all to max out the performance of the Sport 2.
The Sport 2 155 is a hang glider anyone can enjoy and fly safely, even after extended absence from the sport.
You hit the sweet spot with this design.
08/28/09 Jonathan Dietch – Sport 2
68 Miles With Sport 2 155
Jonathan writes:
I know we had this conversation around the time I bought my T2 last Fall about how I didn’t need a topless glider since my Sport 2 would go XC just fine in SoCal.
Well, I finally had the opportunity yesterday: http://imageevent.com/aero92/20090827
12/08/08 George Adams – 30-year HG pilot – Sport 2
I Only Came Down Due To Darkness
I’m a hang 4 pilot of 30 years and due to some medical problems I thought I would be forced out of flying. I currently fly a Concept, which is all work and not fun to fly and usually ends with a crash in the landing field. I was about to quit as the Concept flew me instead of the other way around. Many pilots insisted I should test fly a Sport 2…”you’ll love it”.
I hook in at 220 and I prefer to be on light side so I decided to order a stock Sport 2 175 glider from the inventory list. It wasn’t supposed to be here until January but Wills Wing built it fast and it was delivered in no time. I then recieved a call from Paul Voight of FLY HIGH Hang Gliding in Ellenville N.Y. of its EARLY arrival.
Paul Voight is a super guy who is quite an asset to Wills Wing, as you already know. He’s a true professional who showed me every detail about the glider and before I knew it we were setting it up for a December test flight in 25 degree temperatures on launch. There were about 10 pilots already in the air including an Atos and a Phantom scratching for what little lift available. Paul went right to the top, out sank them all, tested for no hands straight flight, put the glider throught all it could do including a beautiful loop, which I don’t recommend for anyone, but it shows how strong these gliders are. Then knowing I wanted to fly next, he did a perfect down wind landing back at launch! Wow! It was the most incredable thing I ever saw, what a pilot! What a glider!
Hooking in, I picked up the glider with ease, not needing to use my shoulders as in my heavy Concept. The Sport 2 balanced perfectly and I took a few easy steps and it flew straight out from launch. Only one floater was left flying and I climbed past him and pulled the VG all the way. I really like the aerodynamic control bar and the handling was still like power steering. Flat turns were easy as the glider sets its own trim, so pushing out or high siding is not needed as the glider flys itself! I kept climbing as the last glider sank out and I flew for about 20 minutes more, ending my flight only because of darkness, with a no-wind two-step landing. I never felt more at EASE and SAFE in a hang glider before and I’m sure I’m ready to fly for at least another 10 years. I love this glider! This is a serious high performing glider that is way fun to fly and isn’t that what hang gliding is all about?
Rob Kells and I are both from Syracuse, N.Y. and I am proud to again fly Wills Wing. Many thanks for making a great glider and to Paul Voight of Fly High Hang gliding.
– George Adams
12/04/08 Larry Kaiser – Sport 2
The Sport 2 Just Kept On Gliding
Larry Kaiser here and I would just like to send a note on how much I like my new Sport 2. I have flown it several times and it has to be the best glider I have ever owned. Very predictable handling and the glide is very good also. I flew it at Mingus a couple times and got pretty low on the ridge. I thought I would have to land in the bailout LZ but the Sport 2 just kept on gliding and made the much farther 10th Street LZ with altitude to spare. On one of these flights the air was pretty rough and the Sport 2 handled it very well. This is glider # 8 for me (Atlas, Streak, Raven, HP2, K2,and 2 La Mouette Topless gliders) and I really like it! Thank you for making a GREAT hang glider for me.
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