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Purposeful Goal…

Around Valentine’s day I made some random resolutions. One of those included trying to run 500 miles in the year. I’ve never run much before. It seemed like an appropriate challenge.

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My garage wall running journal.

One thing has led to another and I find myself around 700miles from where I started. Along the way I decided running a marathon might be feasible. I’m apprehensive and probably should have trained harder, but I’m willing to give it.

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Ran 90km while I was in Arizona last week. My daily trip west…

The Denver Rock and Roll run is in two weeks. I’m trying to raise $1001 for First Descents, a non-profit providing outdoor adventure camps to young adults with cancer. My wife used to be affiliated with the organization and is a big proponent. I’ve got nearly $600 in contributions already.

Click here to donate: http://teamfd.firstdescents.org/2011/fd/denverrocknrollmarathon/JeffOBrien/

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I’m trying to raise enough to send a participant to camp for a week in the memory of Nick “Nickname” Raitt who passed on June 2, 2011. Lauri got to know Nickname when she participated in a week long kayaking camp. She found him to be a young man who was focused on his life, not his illness. The week was transformative for Lauri, and Nickname went on to become an avid kayaker, motivated fundraiser, and staff member at subsequent First Descents camps. Lauri and Nick kept in touch until his death.



First Descents programs empower participants to overcome their fears and rise to a challenge with support and enthusiasm. It is a fulfilling energizing experience in contrast to the isolation and dependency those living with cancer can experience. It provides lasting gratification.



Please click HERE and make a donation to help me reach my intended goal.


At the end of each morning’s miles, the pool felt electrifying.

I’ve enjoyed the experience and personal challenge and would like some good to result.