Santa Cruz Flats 5.0 Day 5

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SCF 5.0 Day 5

Contented after a great day of being social and racing your mates.

I woke tired, took the run, swim and breakfast. Things are getting wonderfully routine.

Set up my glider, they called a 73 mile triangle, and we went out to the paddock.

Waited suited up on the heat for a bit longer, the rigids weren’t getting that much lift. Despite the weather forecast, we’d have to wait for the switch to be flipped. It took 15 minutes.

SCF5 (1)

Pass on the run everyday…

I looked at my frayed weak link just prior to launching. It’ll be fine… It popped @ 80ft. behind Russell. Turned into the quartering tail, cleared the bushes, landed. Mike Detgoff was there in an instant with a dolly and I walked back to the launch line. Appreciative of the help.

Got into the sky again and hung out for over an hour staging. We weren’t in position for the first start and others were higher nearby. Got higher for the second start and hit GOOD lift to 10,000ft. 3.5km outside the circle. Dustin saw Bostik go back for the third clock and asked if we should follow. All the usual suspects were taking the second and I thought 7km was too much distance to risk. We pressed on.

The 30km glide to the first turnpoint was lift free and things slowed down a bit. Took our time in light lift near the turnpoint. Everyone was being social. Bostik hit a great line and caught back up. Great move in hindsight.

After the turn we drifted into the desert where things should be better. Soon we’d link up with the big mountain range.

SCF5 (2)

pool side…

Sure enough, there was 500fpm over the low hills on the way to the range. We took it and scooted over the range to the second turn.

The dive into the second turn was wasted time and effort because we ran back to the big peak and spent a long time drifting and climbing back toward the turnpoint. Those out in the flats were struggling so the best move seemed to get as high as possible on the mountains before leaving.

I got to 9500ft. and left with three following. Dustin mentioned the climb turned back on and they stayed to just over 10k. Kept an eye on those out in front who were lower.

The lift in the flats ended up being decent, better than previous days. The moyes crew were pushing the situation leaving lift to push out. We gave chase.

A couple of climbs brought us to the black mountains 10miles out. Hit expected lift just downwind of the range to a 9.5 to 1 to goal. There was a headwind and I personally didn’t want to flirt with a flat final. Dustin pulled up right off my wing, got on the radio and uttered, “Well… isn’t this cozy?”

There were a handful of others just out front and speeds increased until we were holding 70mph+ the last 5 miles. Dustin took it to the deck, I held back just a bit. Six to eight pilots arrived within a minute of each other. Smiles all around. A great racing day.

Bostik’s move won the day. He was understandably stoked.

Airtime: 4:20. Flights: 2. Miles: 73.