Saturday Surfing…

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Satsurf (1)

Davide Guiducci over the Dolomites last week. Remember that photo of GW meadows over the Pali coast 20 years ago? The modern version… Exceptional shot.

Waves in Fluid

Satsurf (2)

Air is an exploitable fluid just like water:

Steve Fossett without a motor in a space suit over 50k:

Took 13 months to find a piece of him – fitting demise – let the birds pick you apart:

Satsurf (3)

RC pilots can use dynamic soaring to accelerate their gliders to over 400mph.

The Doppler effect sounds like a bullet.

Satsurf (4)

Mid-century Modern? –

Haven’t read it yet…

Satsurf (5)

Powerful cells have been rolling through the last couple Colorado evenings. Pouring rain blasted out the back side, followed by rainbows, and heavy lightening over the peaks at dusk.

Satsurf (6)

Fringe Scientist Alex Morillo is crafting the above. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing. Says they fly great.