Background – What Is Scooter Towing – and Why?

Scooter Towing is the use of a motor scooter as a stationary winch to tow a hang glider or paraglider into the air. Towing, as a launch method, has been around since the beginning of hang gliding. The idea of using a scooter as a powered stationary tow winch has also been around for a number of years. In the last few years, however, a number of developments in equipment and technique have brought scooter towing to a highly refined state of development and made it an exceptionally useful tool for training.

On this page we offer a link to a detailed manual on the Blue Sky Scooter Towing method, written by Steve Wendt and Mike Meier. We also present a comprehensive video, featuring Steve Wendt demonstrating the equipment and techniques described in the manual. Finally, there is a list of hardware resources to aid interested instructors in assembling their own Scooter Tow systems.

Scooter Tow Manual

A written manual, with photographs, describing and illustrating the Blue Sky Scooter Towing Method.
by Mike Meier and Steve Wendt (PDF 1.6M)

Scooter Tow Video featuring Steve Wendt and produced by Ryan Voight

Scooter towing at Fly High Hang Gliding

Equipment List

A list of required Scooter Tow equipment, with suggested sources.(PDF 7k)

Hollister Tow Pattern

A diagram of a flight pattern layout for a scooter or winch tow instructional program, provided courtesy of Mission Soaring, Milpitas, CA.(PDF 328k)