Swiss Nationals, Day 1

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Swiss (1)Flew over to Zurich from LA with Jeff Shapiro on the 4th of July. Swiss Nic and Steve Blinkensop picked us up at the airport and we headed to Nic’s home in Baden (originally a Roman town). Upon unpacking my glider in Zurich, I found a large dent in my leading edge tube.

Nic had a spare tube that need to a slight modification, so Blinky and Carole helped my get the tools to fix it. Dustin arrived later and we had some fantastic home-made green curry a la Blinky.

The next morning we were off to Fiesch with 4 gliders, 10 harnesses and 4 bodies crammed in Nic’s sweet Mercedes. driving south past Interlaken we drove the car onto a train that took us through a tunnel deep through the Alps. In Fiesch we met up with Derreck and James to register and parade through town.
Swiss (2)
Weather looked pretty bad and there were doubts as to whether we would fly at all, but day one turned out great.