Video testing a dangle mount

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It’s always fun to try to capture our sport on film. We know it’s beautiful and cool, but how do we share it best? Get lots of angles, so guys like Aaron Swepston made mounts like this one. Of course, it seems we’re always re-inventing the wheel, but at least he’s happy to share what he knows. Here’s a video I shot to see how it behaves (thanks Marge for the use of the GoPro). I believe it will be a much better platform for still photos.

I know of at least two friends who’ve recently built dangle mounts, only to have them fail under load. Well I haven’t loaded mine up yet, but I’m going to add some lead on the next flight. I want to see if gets any more stable or hangs more beneath me.

I think tying the PG line to the XB / LE junction would help laterally, but then you need another line part way out that connects to the BT to pull it in.

I wonder if adding some weight at the attachment points on each side would reduce the twisting?

Any thoughts on aerodynamic stabilization? I don’t want to add much drag and have it end up farther behind though. I’m also not a modeler, so fashioning a wing to put it in seems difficult.

Hope you enjoyed this. Keep in mind that there are some safety issues involved with this kind of mount; or any flying with a camera for that matter. The most dangerous piece of sporting equipment is the camera!