When Will I Get My Hang Glider?

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FAQ’s On Hang Glider Orders and Estimated Delivery Dates

I just ordered a hang glider – when will I get it?

That depends on a lot of factors, and for many reasons we cannot give you an exact date on which you will receive the glider. Every order will have an estimated delivery date associated with it, according to the following:

Inventory Gliders

Each glider listed on the inventory list will have an estimate of when the glider can be shipped from the factory. An inventory glider that is assembled, test flown and ready to ship, will be listed on the inventory list with an “Immediate” availability, meaning that it is available for immediate shipment. (That does not mean it will ship immediately – see item 3 – c below.) All other gliders will be listed as “Available:” as of some listed date – the date that we estimate that the glider, if purchased, can be test flown and available for shipment.

Custom Orders

A custom glider order will be quoted an estimated ship date at time of order – again this is the date we estimate that the glider will be available for shipment from the factory.

Please keep in mind that:

1. All delivery quotes are ESTIMATES only – they represent our best guess based on anticipated production rates and our past experience.

2. A delivery quote represents our estimate as to when a given glider will be ready for shipment from Wills Wing to your dealer. It is not an implied promise of the date of actual shipment or of the date you will receive the glider.

3. There are many factors that are at least partly outside of our direct control that can affect both the actual shipping date and the date you receive the glider:

a. There may be unanticipated delays in production, due to material shortages, equipment downtime, employee absences, etc.

b. There may be a delay in factory test flying due to weather or other factors.

c. There may be a delay in shipping the glider after it is test flown as a result of consolidation with other items at the request of your dealer, or as a result of a backlog in the shipping department due to fluctuations in the shipping volume.

d. There will be some time in transit for the glider after it is shipped from here, and there may be an additional delay after the glider arrives at your dealer in the delivery of the glider to you by your dealer.

The inventory hang glider I just ordered is still listed on the inventory list – why?

The inventory list is updated periodically, it does not update automatically in real time. The date and time of the most recent update will be shown at the top of the page. Sometimes, when things are very busy, we may go as much as two or three weeks between updates of the list, so the information may not be current on some gliders. Even if the most recent update occurred after your order was placed, your order may not have been posted to the underlying database prior to the update.

I ordered a glider listed on the inventory list, but it was sold to someone else – how could that happen?

All listed inventory gliders are subject to prior sale. Each order that comes in is date and time stamped – if there are multiple orders for the same glider, the first order takes priority.

I was interested in an inventory glider that was listed last week as available in about three weeks, but today it is listed as available in six weeks. Why is that?

Depending on the number of sold gliders in the production system, a listed inventory glider may not be scheduled for production until it is actually ordered by a customer. As a result, there may be a large number of inventory gliders listed as available within a given range of dates, but those that are not actually ordered will not be scheduled for production, and as a result, on the next update of the inventory list, they will be listed with later dates of availability.

I ordered an inventory glider that was listed as available on the same date I ordered it, but it took another month for me to receive it. Why?

If the glider was listed with an available date, then at the time that listing was posted, the glider had not yet been test flown (if it had, the listing would have shown “Immediate.”) If the available date listed was the current date (or a date in the past), it means that either the list, or the underlying data had not been updated for some time. (When things are busy, it can be as much as two or three weeks between updates.) A combination of test flying delays and / or back logs in shipping can sometimes delay the shipment of a glider by as much as three or four weeks.