Wills Wing Dealer Bulletin #140 – 6 June 2003

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The U2 is a BIG HIT!

The 160 and 145 U2s have been getting rave reviews. We’ve had more dealers ask to borrow demo U2’s than any other design in the company’s history! With 150 dealer / distributors around the world it’s not possible for us to provide demos on loan to even a fraction of our dealers, though we wish we could. It’s already been well proven that demo flights are very effective in selling the U2 to a prospective customer, so if you haven’t ordered your U2 demo yet, we suggest you do so immediately

Here is what Jim Reynolds has to say about his U2

Hi Steve,
I’ve got about 15 hours on my new 145 U2. Rob said it is the best small glider WW ever made and I’m a believer. Light bar pressure, neutral roll, fast, clean lines and only 63 lbs. It tracks straight at speed and lands almost too easy. Even the wheels are cool. When you made the Falcon Tandem life was good. Now I’m in HG heaven with the clouds.
Jim Reynolds USHGA #7949

Hang Glider Delivery Times

The delivery time for hang gliders is nine weeks and rising. We understand that long delivery times cost you sales. We have hired some new employees and we’re working hard to increase production.

U2 Price Increase

The U2 – at $4475 suggested retail and equipped standard with the Litestream performance control bar – represents an outstanding value when compared to other available gliders in its class. (And that’s before you consider the fact that with the U2’s premium quality of materials and fabrication, the exceptionally light weight, and the superb handling, there really isn’t any other glider in its class!)

We introduced the U2 at an extremely attractive price relative to the glider’s value in order to give it the widest possible initial exposure. We intend to keep the U2’s price as low as we can in order to continue to maximize the value to the customer. At this time, we are raising the price of the U2 by just $100 – a little more than 2% – effective on all orders for which we have not received a $2000 deposit by June 17th.

Release of the Attack Falcon

The PX05 mylar sail “Attack Falcon” caused quite a stir at Wallaby. The Attack Falcon is available in the 195 and 170 sizes for $3650 retail, which includes the Litestream control frame including the streamlined aluminum base tube, PX05 mylar in the top surface behind the leading edge panel, and your choice of sail colors in the top surface leading edge and in the bottom surface panel. The Attack Falcon looks really cool; they fly great, and the Litestream frame puts the glide over 10 to 1!

Talon / U2 Tip Wand Price Change

In an effort to provide the most durable tip wands, we are using S glass material, which is the more expensive type of fiberglass available for this type of application. The results so far have been a big improvement over the original carbon wands used on the early Talons, and we are still working to improve wand durability. At the same time, our cost to produce the wands has gone up substantially, requiring that we raise the price of the wands at this time:

ID Description Dealer Price Retail Price
40R-760 TIP WAND $36 $54

We will replace at no charge any S glass wand that fails during normal use by the original owner, for up to one year after the glider was shipped from the factory. Please note that pole vaulting on the tip wands is not considered normal use. ; ‘ )

Falcon XC Contest

We’d like to thank Ben Davidson of Tek Flight for all of his hard work organizing, promoting and running the Falcon XC Contest over the years. We think it’s a great way to promote fun, easy to fly gliders, while at the same time increasing pilot skills in the cross-country discipline. We encourage you to donate prizes, sign up your pilots, or go grab a Falcon and go XC yourself!

New Far Up Knee Hanger Harness

A number of you have asked for a low cost training and entry-level harness. Jim Reynolds of Far Up Hang Gliding developed just such a harness design and licensed us to produce it under the WW name. It is height adjustable for a wide range of pilots, and has a removable parachute container complete with a front zipper storage pocket. We will have them in stock in about a week.

ID Description Dealer Price Retail Price

Note: Price does not include a carabiner.


Announcing ‘The Works’ PG Harness

Wills Wing is pleased to announce The Works PG harness, designed by Mitch McAleer.

Click the link to read about this cool new paragliding harness. The Works is designed for ultra-comfort, ease of use, and durability.

Specification Works M Works L
Pilot Height Range (in) 64-72 70-75
Pilot Weight Range (lbs) 110-165 165-220
Harness Weight (lbs) 14.3 14.5
Sugg. Retail $675.00 $675.00
Dealer $450.00 $450.00

The Works is lightweight, innovative and sharp looking. We will have units available for shipment very soon.

Package Deal Pricing – Everything You Need!

With the addition of the Works harness, and a superb line of Swing and Airwave paragliders, we now offer the most complete line of high quality equipment in the paragliding industry. You can consider Wills Wing as your one stop source when it comes time to equip that new student ready to graduate from your school. We plan to have most DHV 1 and 1-2 models in stock at all times this summer, and we can get any paraglider you need in any color with about four weeks notice. Remember that we offer extra discounts on accessory items when you order a “package deal” for your customer. A few examples are shown below:

Description Retail Dealer
(At Cat 2 Disc)
Swing Arcus M Paraglider $2975 $1975
Works Harness $675 $450
Package Discount – Harness -$75 -$50
Parachute 22 Gore PDA PG $495 $330
Parachute Package Discount -$30 -$20
Charly Air Control Helmet $79 $52.70
Package Discount Helmet -$15 -$10
Brauniger Sonic Vario $189 $114
Total $4293 $2841.70
Total Package Discounts -$120 -$80
Total Dealer Profit $1451.30
Description Retail Dealer
(At Cat 2 Disc)
Airwave Wave M Paraglider $3100 $2100
Works Harness $675 $450
Package Discount – Harness -$75 -$ 50
Parachute LARA 250 PG $518 $345
Parachute Package Discount -$30 -$20
Charly Insider Helmet $204 $136
Package Discount Helmet -$15 -$10
Brauniger AV Pilot Vario $325 $210
Total $4702 $3161
Total Package Discounts -$120 -$80
Total Dealer Profit $1541
Description Retail Dealer
(At Cat 2 Disc)
Swing Arcus 3 26 Paraglider $3050 $2050
Works Harness $675 $450
Package Discount – Harness -$75 -$50
Parachute LARA GOLD 250 PG $686 $457
Parachute Package Discount -$30 -$20
Charly Insider Helmet $204 $136
Package Discount Helmet -$15 -$10
Brauniger IQ Comfort Vario $375 $250
Total $4870 $3263
Total Package Discounts $120 $80
Total Dealer Profit $1607

Also remember that you can increase your profits further by taking advantage of the quantity discounts available on Brauniger variometers.

Paragliding Notes from Mitch

With the addition of the Works PG harness, we now have a complete package for your entry level students:

A full line of the highest quality reserve parachutes manufactured by Free Flight Enterprises.

Two styles of helmets, the Charly Insider full face and the Air Control lightweight polycarbonate with snap on chin guard, available in stock in most sizes and colors.

The Brauniger IQ Comfort, AV Pilot, and IQ Sonic – great varios for novice and expert.

We have ordered enough glider inventory to keep most sizes and colors in stock, and I will continue to demo every model I can get my hands on.

The Swing Arcus 3 is getting great reviews in Europe, and is definitely a better Arcus. The handling is better, it glides better, and flies somewhere between the Arcus 2002 and the Mistral 2.

The improved speed range and handling make it competitive with DHV 2 gliders. I’ve climbed through a few DHV 2’s, and held the speedbar full on for over 5 minutes without even touching the brakes on a windy day at Crestline. The launch characteristic is improved, the Arcus 3 parks overhead, and has less tendency to overshoot the pilot than the Arcus 1.

We still stock the Arcus 2002 , and have Sting risers available for paramotoring. We think the Arcus 2002 is a great paramotor wing, and it remains an excellent canopy for training and for first purchase for pilots looking for maximum stability. All Swing gliders are made with Liros line, and the Perseverance PN6 fabric. The PN6 is amazing cloth, already, there are 200+ hour Arcus 2002 I have tested that have porosity readings indicating the fabric is still like new with over 200 second average. Comparing this to traditional urethane coatings that are in the 100 second range after 100 hours makes the PN6 impressive.

The Airwave Wave is the most amazing DHV 1 I have ever flown. It sinks with high performance gliders and fits entry level student requirements. The handling is similar to the Sport, and is light and quick, easy to thermal efficiently and completely relaxing in big air. The glide and speed range make this a DHV 1 that will compete with many of the performance DHV 1-2’s.

I now have performance demos available for the pilots out there like me who insist on maximum performance, and have the advanced skills to handle a more active wing. The Swing Cirrus 3 is no question the best DHV 2-3 I have ever flown. I beat a Boomerang 2 with the US National champion piloting, in a 2 lap race around Marshalls on the Cirrus 3 24 . This glider gets (11) DHV 1-2’s, (7) 2’s, and only (1) 2-3 (max weight accelerated asymmetrical collapse). Compare that to any other DHV 2-3 gliders.

The Magic 3 from Airwave is a great glider also. I haven’t had a chance to fly against anyone yet in the M3, maybe it’s because no one is ever able to get near me. The Magic 3 also gets great ratings only 2 2-3’s in max weight accelerated frontal, and max weight asymmetric collapse.

The Magic 3 is in stock in the medium size, and the Cirrus 3 is available in the 24 and 26 sizes.

The Airwave Scenic continues to get excellent reviews from the pro tandem pilots, it’s handling compares to sporty solo gliders and glide and speed range equal to solo performance wings.

Contact me if you are teaching new pilots, I want to do business with you, I offer all of the resources available to me here at Wills Wing to help your business grow, and be profitable. Free replacement lines 1-3 quantity direct to the pilots same day, 10 years of repair experience, and a comprehensive inspection, I hope I can help you sell the performance, service, and the dedication that has kept Wills Wing on top of the foot launch aircraft business for over 30 years.


Mitch McAleer

Detailed Shipment Info By Email

Starting 4 June 2003, the shipment notification email automatically sent to dealers includes details of what exactly is being shipped and what items from the related order are on backorder, if any. The subtotal, freight charge, and invoice total are included in the email.

This information is also uploaded periodically to our website so that the shipment details will be shown when you log in to the website and click the ‘order shipped’ link that appears on the Dealer Welcome page if something has been shipped to you recently.

That’s it for now, please fly safely,

The Wills Wing Crew